Cherry Diesel is a standard cannabis strain, resulting as a cross among its parent’s strains Turbo Diesel Plus Cherry OG. It is a closely-even hybrid (50%/50% Indica toward Sativa ratio), with THC levels measured up to 24%.

The buds of this delicious strain are medium-sized, neon green in color, plentifully covered with long lively orange pistils as well as sticky trichomes.

The aroma plus flavor, just similar to the name suggests, are aromatic, fruity, with distinct taste and smell of sweet cherries, rather earthy, tart, as well as heavy with diesel.

Cherry Diesel strain is known for its well-rounded mind and body effects. It starts as a stimulating and inspiring body high, giving customers an undeniable increase and motivation. It then quickly follows with a head high, offering mood improvement, growing creativity, focus, improving brain function, and confirming a sense of pleasure and peacetime. During its highest effects, Cherry Diesel is faultless for socializing, taking on new projects, creating art, or brainstorming. After a while, the high transmutes into a mellow, somewhat sedating bodily perception, relaxing and soothing.

Adverse effects comprise dry mouth and eyes, possible concern, and drowsiness if consumed above tolerance levels.

Are There Any Medical Advantages Linked to the Cherry Diesel Weed?

The three large culprits in most of our lives stand no chance against the great medicinal effects of the strain. You could use it to beat chronic despair, stress, and exhaustion. The energetic properties tend to retain all the worrying feelings at bay, making you peaceful, happy and inspired.

The Cherry Diesel is also frequently used by people who suffer from dyslexia plus ADHD. And besides the countless psychological benefits, the strain has several great analgesic properties, which could soothe aching joints, headaches, in addition to muscle spasms.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Cherry Diesel Marijuana Strain?

Whether you select to smoke or else vape the Cherry Turbo Diesel, make certain to have some water or additional beverage adjoining (as long as it is not alcohol, since it does not work well with any marijuana kind). The cause behind this is that one of the most common side effects of the strain is dry mouth otherwise cottonmouth, which in result could cause headaches and even faintness.

It is also significant not to use this marijuana otherwise any other in an excessive way, especially if you are a beginner smoker. Too much of it could cause nervousness and paranoia.

How to Grow This Cannabis?

Cherry Diesel flourishes indoors and outdoors, but the first is the more favored option. The projected time required for this plant to flower is between 7 and 9 weeks. The seeds will offer you an average yield and will need frequent trimming.


A truly active, motivating, and inspiring strain, the Cherry Diesel cannabis provides life to people who want some recreation and imagination boost. This is also an outstanding strain for people who suffer from chronic attention to detail, chronic stress, otherwise fatigue.

In the middle of an amazing flavor and a calming comedown, users of this strain relish a perfect imaginative boost that lets them participate in social events supplemented by a lot of giggles.