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Skilled trade jobs have become very popular in recent times, with professional traders high in demand. Professional trade jobs have proved to be an excellent alternative to mainstream and degree jobs. Many Americans lost their careers in the tough times due to the covid19 pandemic, and people are still struggling for work. On the other hand, skilled trade jobs have seen a decline in the number of employees due to the retirement of the greying workforce. There are not enough experienced traders in the country to fill the positions. The increase in population and their ever-growing needs for construction, automobiles, sanitation, and electricity all contribute to increased demand for skilled trades. Skilled trades endows people with job security, a promising career and, a bright future. However, the scope of skilled trade jobs is limited to employment and extends to entrepreneurship. Skilled trade jobs have given ample opportunities to people to excel in the business field and establish a great career in entrepreneurship.

Best skilled trades for entrepreneurial-minded people

There are different types of skilled trades that provide an excellent outlook for the business. Following are some of the best-skilled trade jobs to consider if you want to pursue entrepreneurship:


Electricians are responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing the electrical circuit and electrical/electronic wiring system in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Though electricians get employment in various industries, most electricians still get employed on construction sites.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a 14 percent growth rate for demand in electrician’s jobs by 2024. This makes the trade an ideal business opportunity as it is one of the top-paying trades and the numbers show an encouraging upward trend. 

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(HVAC) Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technicians

HVAC technicians are involved in installing, maintaining, and repairing the air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems in commercial and residential buildings. In addition, some of the HVAC technicians are specialized professionals in adjoining areas, e.g., protection from fire systems and sprinkler systems, maintaining the building and facilities, etc.

HVAC specialists will experience high growth in demand in the next ten years. It is a well-suited industry for entrepreneurial-minded people. Other than many trades, the systems in HVAC need continuous maintenance and repair after installation. The Sale of servicing contracts does provide a steady income. 

To start a career in HVAC, a person requires to have secondary education and on-the-job internship training. Certification is essential and mandatory in the trade due to the technical nature of the work.


Masons perform the task of lifting bulky and heavy materials. They use a distinctive type of mortared bricks, stone, and concrete to construct walls, patios, and walkways. The experience and highly skilled masons who are experts in creating intrinsic, artistic, and delicate masonry structures are easily employed.

A person generally requires three to four years of internship training with classroom course instructions to become a mason. Thus, to become a mason, a person needs to go through several on-the-job training internships and classroom courses; the prospect of business in the field is bright as there are very few skilled and experienced masons in the trade.

Plumbers, Pipefitters/Steamfitters

Plumbers are involved in designing, installing, and repairing piping, sanitary and sewage systems, electric appliances like dishwashers, and residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Pipefitters and steamfitters are responsible for installing and repairing the piping systems that contain heating and cooling pressurized or compressed liquids required for energy production and manufacturing. The demand for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters is expected to grow by 2026 with solid direction, and this trade is an excellent choice for business.


Welders join two or more metal parts together by high heat and allow them to cool down, which causes fusion. Welding is a work of precision and requires extensive experience and skills. As a result, welding is one of the high-paying skilled trade jobs in the country.

Skilled welders are always in demand, and there is also an expected increase in the demand.

To become a welder, one must enroll in a trade school program to learn the skills and precision. The nature of the welding trade makes it perfect for self-employment, as the welders may initially work with mobile equipment but soon establish themselves with a welding shop.


Skilled trade jobs are the future of jobs, with their demand outstripping the supply. Skilled trade programs are the best way to indulge in the trades properly with experience and skills. In addition, skilled trades have plenty of scope for entrepreneurship. There have been numerous innovators who established their businesses through skilled trade jobs. Students must carefully select the vocational trade as well as the trade programs. The trade school programs form the fundamentals for skilled trade jobs and must be chosen according to the interests.