About OEE Software

When you have a lot of assets you cannot manage them and keep them productive by yourself. It is very important to know the condition of your assets & how they are performing. In order to keep your daily operation running, you need to make sure that each piece of equipment is safe and productive.   

This is where OEE software comes into play. It automates the process of equipment maintenance and keeps track of each piece of equipment’s efficiency. It lets you know how productive each asset is!  

What Is OEE Software?  

OEE stands for Overall equipment effectiveness software. This software is built for organizations that have a lot of assets and managing them is a tough task. It allows you to monitor and track in order to improve quality and increase the productivity of the equipment. OEE software is mainly used in the manufacturing industry but still, it is not utilized in the industry as much as it should be!  

In the manufacturing sector, OEE provides crucial information about how operations are running contrasted with its maximum capacity. Without OEE, most producers have been not able to get to that story, yet a few organizations have now started executing consistent OEE software to break down what’s really occurring in their organizations with more detail than any other time in recent memory.  

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What are the main factors of OEE Software?  

OEE software assists organizations become more profitable by measuring availability, measuring performance, measuring quality. According to Wikipedia, “it identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. An OEE of 100% means that only good parts are produced (100% quality), at the maximum speed (100% performance), and without interruption (100% availability).” Therefore, we can say that availability, performance, and quality are the 3 main factors of OEE.  


When equipment is not available then it interrupts the operation in some cases production operation may be stopped. As a result, delays in product delivery and customer disappointment occur. Equipment availability means that equipment is scheduled for utilization. As we have mentioned in the above scenario if the equipment is not available then it impacts business productivity.  


Equipment or machine is not working properly or jammed then performance will be decreased. As a result, production work is running behind the schedule.   


If equipment is not available or equipment performance is not good then quality work will be not delivered. If quality is not as per the customer’s expectation, then the business might suffer.  

These factors are important and OEE software helps the organization in keeping these factors optimized. OEE software provides crucial metrics related to these factors. OEE software allows the organization to plan in a way so that daily operations or business do not suffer in any way.  

What are the benefits of OEE Software?  

The benefits of OEE Software are discussed below:  

Enhanced productivity 

With OEE software you can ensure that pieces of equipment are well maintained and stays in good condition. You can boost the efficiency of the machines and equipment so that job does not suffer.  

Increased performance 

With the OEE software, you can increase equipment performance with previous data and statistics utilization. You can identify the area where the problem is coming from and take the necessary step to solve the problem.  

Minimized maintenance cost 

Maintenance costs can be huge expenses especially if they are not optimized and bills can really impact your profit. With OEE software you can minimize your bills and optimize equipment performance and boost your bottom line. Moreover, you can identify those pieces of equipment which are not working up to the mark then you sell it for revenue generation.  

Optimize quality 

OEE helps in optimizing quality related to the product, operation, and equipment as well. It assists organizations by reducing unnecessary work, approval quickly, & improve the quality of the product.   

Reports and statistics 

These reports have data, and we know the power of data! It can show you the complete picture of your operation, inventory expenses, maintenance costs. Reports lets you know your strength and weaknesses which is very helpful in improving business. Reports are helpful in discovering pitfalls and you can take steps in order to overcome them.  


There are several things in mind while running a business and we are sure nobody wants to face machine problems and quality issues or disappoint their client.  

With the OEE software assistance, you can get insights that will help the organization. With reports, you can get detail about each asset that will be helpful to the maintenance team. When you remove unproductive assets, you can operate at a better capacity than before.   

This software has a lot of potential in order to grow business. Businesses need to understand saving expenses is also important for growing business. For this purpose, you can use OEE software which is a type of asset management software that will optimize your business in several ways.