Whenever biometric technologies are discussed, many of us instantly think about fingerprint or retina scanning. But with the booming technology, the concept of biometric has become broader. Present Biometric Identification systems can precisely analyze the face imprints from digital photos or videos clips. After that, they match them with the records placed in the databases. Backed by AI such systems can detect the facial structure, the prints in the retina, the handprint line patterns, and the pitch of human voices. As every human has a unique set of features, even twins, which makes this verification system a perfect method of protecting the human identity from getting in the wrong hands.

User identity verification through biometrics technology is becoming significant throughout the world and due to its exceptional security measures, digital businesses are readily adopting them. This solution is embedded with artificial intelligence. Which makes it more viable than the traditional way of verifying the customers’ identities through KYC.

Significance of Biometric Authentication

Biometric validation services are artificial intelligence evolved solutions that tend to analyze and authenticate the human facial biometric features. In this identity verification process, biometric information like distance between the eyes, blinking of an eye, and smiles are thoroughly analyzed. When the customer places the face in front of the webcam the verification system scans and maps the facial characteristic which is compared with the image placed over the government authorized identity documents. Yet, the criminals are deliberately in search of methods to bypass biometric verification systems. However, such suspicious activities are effectively detected and normalized using liveness detection, deep fake attacks, and 3D masks.

Long ago, the face recognition concept was primarily only seen in sci-fi movies or TV series. It looked futuristic due to which it attracted a large audience in no time. As technology transformed the business structures, biometric technology became an essential security tool to combat cybercrimes. Biometric technology was introduced back in the 1800s when the first face detection device was developed which was mainly used to recognize horizontal and vertical coordinates of the human face. But, the ultra-modern world has now the best face recognition systems which are powered by artificial intelligence technology which provide maximum security with high accuracy.

Industrial Use Case of Biometric Solutions

  • Healthcare Industry

There is a rapid increase in the demand for face verification in health care can be noticed as it’s one of the best ways to combat health identity fraud. Health providers like insurance companies and hospitals are using facial biometric recognition to authenticate the patients’ identities before getting them on board. Additionally, the doctors are also getting benefits such as finding the patient’s past medical records from the health databases. On the other hand, the blood donors and organ donors are also verified to deter the bad actors from the health industry.

  • Travelling and hospitality industry:

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the travel and hotel industries are standing on the verge of destruction. In times of crisis, such businesses are prone to cybercrimes which is also a reason for disrupting their workflows. But thanks to the SaaS providers biometric recognition systems are developed which are life saviors for travel and hotel businesses. The traveling and hotel businesses are adopting face verification systems. They provide a way of identifying the customers remotely as well as these systems are fully automated and don’t require physical interaction. Through one facial scan, the tourist is good to go.

Risks associated with  Facial Recognition Systems

  • User Data Confidentiality Breach

Spotlighting the worst scenario, if the database got breached or hacked. Which the biometric information is kept, the sensitive individuals’ data can be lost or misused in running out the criminal activities or blackmail the victims to retrieve ransomware. After such situations, the respective company is held questionable. Therefore, to prevent such happening the biometric authentication process must be carried out under strict checks.

  • Malfunction in Biometric Devices

The proper function of the biometric recognition device is very important for accurate authentication. Any kind of bug or error can generate anomalies. And leads to incorrect verification for example the customer is legitimate but has not been identified. This happens when the facial features are not recorded accurately due to some problems.

Final Thoughts 

Wrapping it up, biometric verification online is of great significance. It’s a perfect solution that tends to fulfill the business’s requirements. Which provides them with a way to fight digital identity crime. The biometric technology also backs the cybersecurity concerns and enhances them so fraudsters can’t trick out the verification systems.


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