Tech Rental

Tech Rental

Managing your tradeshow booths just right is very important. More money you save and the more sales you make, the better for the business. Buying out tech devices just for their one-time usage requirement can always incur great costs. Renting on the other hand can be just what you need. So, tech rental is almost always better than purchasing for tradeshows and exhibitions.

Tech devices are also very important for tradeshow events. iPad booths, laptops on tables, and large screens with integrated displays for large audience interaction play vital roles. You need these devices to improve your tradeshow booth’s appearance and presentation. Of course, with these, you will get better visitor attractions as well. So, here’s why tech rental always beats new purchases for tradeshows:

Latest and Greatest Tech Rental Devices Always Available

One thing that purchasing doesn’t give you is the ability to try new devices every year. You are pretty much stuck with what you buy for some good amount of time. Usually, it is also not possible for businesses to replace older devices every year to use the new latest models.

Take the iPads for example. The new iPad Pros are truly great business devices. Yet, many businesses have not upgraded their iPads on the newer models. This is where iPad Hire is very useful. You can basically rent the latest iPad Pro models for just a fraction of their full prices.

Similarly, laptops, VR devices, and all other tech pieces can be enjoyed with their latest versions. Also, newer versions come with more beneficial features as well. Tech rentals are winning when it comes to latest device usage and availability for businesses on tradeshows.

Opportunity to Try New Devices and New Brands

Lot of the times, businesses drool over new devices from other brands being released. So, if you have the Apple MacBook laptops in the office and a new Windows device comes out, you will still be stuck with the MacBook. All are great devices but some might offer more beneficial specific features.

When you go with tech rental, you get the opportunity to try new devices. Upon favoring a particular device, you can then invest in them for the business as well. Of course, for tradeshows and exhibitions, you will not have much time to use new devices.

Tech hire companies offer almost all modern devices for affordable rental deals. These services are available around the world. All major cities have some specialized service provider. Find one in your tradeshow location and get new devices to try on exhibitions.

Potential Huge Money Savings with Cheap Tech Rental Options

Of course, the major benefit of tech hire devices for tradeshows is the huge money savings. A new iPad or MacBook laptop costs thousands of dollars. Multiply that with 10s of devices you will need for a large tradeshow booth. A staggering amount of costs just for one day of use can be incurred.

So, all these costs and expenses can be minimized so hugely with tech hire options. Usually, the newest iPad version is available for under a hundred dollars for a day or two rentals. Some companies even offer cheaper deals than this as well on bulk hire devices.

Save your business money by opting for tech on hire devices. Ideally, you’d want price quotes from more than one service provider. Choose the best quote out of all the ones that you get. You will surely save the business great money on that next tradeshow appearance.

Scale Up, Scale Down as Your Tradeshow Booth Needs

One of the best features with tech rental is that you can scale it up and scale down as needed. Of course, when you purchase any number of devices, you are pretty much locked with availability. However, with renting options, you can scale up or down quickly on the fly.

Same-day delivery is often available with professional tech rental companies. Whether you choose laptop rentals or iPad hire devices, they can all be delivered to you when you need where you need. So, scale up or scale down as your tradeshow booth needs quickly with hire not purchase.

Nothing to Worry About for Devices Updates, Upgrades and All That

Another benefit you get with tech rental as opposed to purchasing is on updates and upgrades. Or the lack thereof in this case. When renting, you service providers will worry about updating their devices to the newest operating system versions. Also, they will worry about updating to newer version devices.

All you have to do is to rent them, use them and return them. Doesn’t get any simpler and easier than this right! So, in our professional experience, renting tech devices is always better than purchasing. It saves your time and effort with money on updates and upgrades.

Professional Tech Rental Companies Also Offer Free Installations Onsite

Have you ever tried getting onsite installations for your tech rental devices? This is something many professional service providers offer in their local market. What you do is to request devices and then request their onsite setup for the tradeshow site.

Their people will come and make all your devices ready for use with any kinds of mounts, stands, and fixtures. And yes, you do get the option of mounts and fixtures with renting as well without having to buy them out as well. Everybody is happy with renting when compared with purchasing tech.

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