A data breach in a company can act as a disaster and since the number of data breaches is increasing every year, you must work towards improving the security system. Even a simple data breach can have multiple consequences on your company in addition to the loss of reputation, loss of customer base, and even lawsuits. 

You will be surprised to know that the average cost of data breaches in recent years has reached up to $4.45 million. When it comes down to protecting the customer data then your top priority should be to provide maximum security at all the entry points.

There might be different ways to do that but the most efficient way is by choosing a managed security service provider that currently uses a GeoIP database such as IP Geolocation Data Feed.

How managed security service providers are using the power of Ip geolocation data feed?

A geoIP database usually contains accurate and relevant IP geolocation information and this is why they are so important. With this type of information, firms can easily block owners, email addresses, and all the suspicious types of domains that are linked to malicious IP addresses. All these aspects can be blocked from accessing any of the internet-facing network components of the organization.

Along with this, the geoIP database also helps in cross-checking whether a visitor on the site is indeed who he claims to be or not. This type of verification capability becomes more useful when a company is handling financial transactions on its websites.

The various threats that can be avoided with geo targeting 

Phishing and its different forms 

A vast majority of email attacks become successful because of the highly effective social engineering plots that cause people clicking on malicious links, downloading harmful attachments, and even sharing personal information. In these types of attacks, people are made to believe that the email has been sent from the same company.

If an organization is going to get city by IP then it can easily avoid business email compromise attacks since it will stay aware of whether the email has been sent from the same organization or not.


Frauds are mostly targeted at those organizations that handle any type of financial transaction on their portal. If an attacker makes his way to the financial system of the portal then siphoning off funds is going to become too easy for them.

If you get city by IP then it can help a lot since they can be integrated into the different financial forms for verifying whether the IP address of the current visitor matches with the one that is the actual account holder or not.

It’s true that account holders have multiple IP addresses but this type of check can send a clue to the administrator that there are chances of something going wrong and thus the entire process can be cross-verified.

Unknown threats 

The number of malware being used and being created on an everyday basis is increasing at a very fast pace. The worst thing about modern-day malware threats is they have become stealthier and thus they can easily avoid any type of detection. One of the best ways to avoid such types of threats is to look at indicators of compromise.

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If organizations get city by IP  linked to the IoCs then it can easily pinpoint all the unknown threats and avoid them before they result in a disaster for the company.

IP geolocation can help organizations to avoid a wide array of threats that are present in the digital world and therefore, firms should never delay the integration of IP geolocation in their system.