Since the very beginning, books have been the treasure of knowledge, and today, when everything has come under the digital regime, books have not been left behind. You can find several websites, providing the books in the form of ebooks (digital versions of books). These are ebooks and nothing much different from the original one, as these are just soft copies of books.

How to Download eBooks?

If you are keen to know the procedure for downloading the pirated ebook, it is quite simple. You may reach any online website and after performing the required steps you may download it. To make it more convenient, let us take an example of the Amazon website. It is an eCommerce platform that has a separate category of ebooks, where you can buy any of the desired books by paying some money.

How to Download Pirated ebooks for free?

If you are willing to download pirated ebooks, there is a simple trick to it, all you have to do is just go to any ebook torrent website or website that provides pirated ebooks for free and follow the on-screen instructions to get the ebook downloaded successfully.

These websites get blocked from time to time by the government and there are chances of regular update of the URL of the website, as in order to escape such an infringement, the website owners keeps on changing the website url (web address of the website) which help them in keeping the website live without being disabled.

Online Sources to Download the Pirated ebooks

There are several torrents for books using which you may download numerous pirated ebooks without having to pay any money in the exchange. The list of such torrent sites for ebooks has been mentioned below. Let us start with the list.

  • The Pirate Bay

    Pirate Bay has a huge library of books, using it you can find and download any ebook for free. This website has topped the best torrent search engines list and has gained the trust of so many users. It offers ebooks to download from every category like university books, Novels, biographies, and many more.
  • LimeTorrents

    It is beneficial if you want to download textbooks relating to a wide range of academic subjects. It has more than millions of books available on the website. This site is easy to navigate and does not let the user get stuck by any chance.
  • TorrentDownloads.me

    This website also possesses the availability of audiobooks, using which you can read any book in one go, as all you have to do is just listen to the audio and your book will get completed automatically.
  • 101 Torrents

    This torrent website has a huge dump of movies and is known for it. In addition to this, it is also known for providing a list of free ebooks. More than millions of ebooks have been indexed on this platform.
  • Torrent Off

    While other websites place ebooks in a secondary place, this website places the ebook in a primary position and possesses a huge collection of ebooks.

Apart from the above-mentioned websites, there are some other websites that offer the same services like Torrentz2, FreeBookSpot, Torrent Funk, Smashwords, and many more.

Is it illegal to download Pirated ebooks?

The very short answer to such a question is YES, i.e. it is illegal to download pirated ebooks. The government keeps on banning such pirated websites, as they do not hold ownership of the books which are being provided by them.

Also, it is not a good practice to download the ebook from such a website, as the main source of earning for these websites is ads and whenever you download any content from such website chances are you will get any malware or virus downloaded instead of downloading the ebook which can create trouble in your device (using which you tried downloading the ebook).

Note- This article is written for educational purposes only and does not promote piracy in any of the forms. Also, downloading content from pirated websites can damage your device in a way. So, be cautious before browsing such websites.

So this was a brief about torrents for books, also how you can download the pirated ebooks is also discussed. If you are new to torrent sites for ebooks, this article is for you.