Step and Repeat Banner

If you’re hosting or sponsoring a promotional event, a high-quality and effective step and repeat banner will help you capture the attention of your potential customers to your promotional branding while also providing the guests a professional backdrop to capture photos. After taking photos, your guests will share the images on social media platforms. This way millions of online customers will know about your business. Even though step and repeat banners might contain a simple layout and design, choosing the perfect design for the step and repeat banners are extremely important. Here are the top 4 tips to design attractive steps and repeat banners. 

Determine the Perfect Size

While designing the step and repeat banner, determine the perfect size. Reputed manufacturers can print high-quality step and repeat banners in various sizes as per your requirement. Since the banners can also work as a backdrop, they need to be big enough so that they can accommodate enough people. Make sure the edges of the banners aren’t visible in the photos. 

To leverage the proper benefits of this banner, consider choosing step and repeat banners of 8 feet. This height is enough to cover the head of most people. To choose the perfect width, consider of the guests are going to be photographed individually or in groups. 

Determine the Perfect Size of Your Logo

One mistake many people make while designing their step and repeat banners is that they choose an irrelevant logo for the banners. People won’t be able to read the logos that are too small on the banners. On the other hand, logos that are too big will undoubtedly affect the aesthetic appearance of the banners. Make sure your logo is large enough for readability and small enough so that they don’t affect the appearance. 

However, keep in mind that there is no perfect logo size for the step and repeat banners due to the influence of several factors. For instance, simpler logos can be displayed in small sizes whereas the intricate logos need to be printed in a large size so that they can be noticed properly. Additionally, don’t forget to consider the distance between the banner and the photographer. 

Use High-Quality Images

If you want the step and repeat banners to be attractive, make sure you include high-quality images on the banners. The resolution of the images will be determined by the dots per inch or DPI. If you use low-resolution images on your banners, they will look boring and unattractive. Therefore, you need to ensure the DPI is the images are higher. As per Bytescout, the higher the DPI, the better will be the quality of the image.

If you’re using a full-size image on the step and repeat banner, make sure the resolution is greater than 100 DPI. Choose images that are anywhere between 100 to 200 DPI. 

Pick Eye-Catching and Bold Colors

While selecting colors for the logos and background of your step and repeat banner, make sure you pick bold and contrasting colors. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enhance the visibility of your logo. For instance, using a red logo on the pink background will make the logo blend in. However, using a black logo on a white background will attract the attention of customers. Make sure the color and the background complement each other. 

Albeit most printers really print in CMYK, quality is kept up with best when documents are gotten in RGB mode, and the printer would then be able to change them over to CMYK. That way, when you transfer your document, the shadings won’t be misshaped on your screen or in the creation interaction

If you want to add multiple logos to your banner, you need to choose a neutral-colored background. 


These are the top 4 steps and repeat banner designing tips you should know. An attractive step and repeat banner is capable of improving the ambiance of your event. Therefore, make sure you contact us to purchase high-quality steps and repeat banners. 

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