The soft appearing Moonstone looks like a big moon in the night sky. This magical stone is a natural crystal, as it takes energies from the Moon and promotes positivity. It is available in the Opalescent, milky whites with the sheen of blue, gray, pink, and multi-color. There is a lot more you can learn about the Moonstone Crystals in this blog.

Learn About the Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone Jewelry has fascinated the hearts of gem lovers for centuries. The appearance of the Moonstone is made spectacular with the light and the movement it has with the glowing sheen and the soft colors. It comes under the orthoclase feldspar mineral family and is comprised of potassium aluminum silicate. This vitreous stone ranges from 6 to 6.5 on the Moh scale hardness.

Look What People Consider About Moonstone.

Ancient states that moonstones are created from the moonbeams, strongly associated with the Moon’s power. It is the stone of fortune and is a powerful stone connected to feminine energies. Moreover, wearing this stone will bring good luck, love, and attachment into relationships.

Made For June-babies

It proves to be unique for the ones who are born in the month of June, as it is the stone of self-discovery. Wearing the Moonstone ring will infuse the body with the essence of mother nature and intensify the person’s inner spirit. The serene energy brings inventiveness to the office or the workplace.

Where Does Moonstone Come From?

These Moon magic crystals are available worldwide, but the best-quality comes from India and Sri Lanka. Therefore, Rananjay Exports sources the blue and multi-color raw Moonstone crystals from the mines in Bihar, India.

Explore The Variety of Moonstone

Blue Moonstone– The Blue moonstone is forever in high demand as it is the stone with the bluish shimmer in the transparent variation. These crystals are admired for their soothing and peaceful energy, as they bring nourishing and sensual effects promoting a person’s focus and mental clarity. In addition, it is also called the cat’s eye moonstone, as the chatoyancy embedded in it is famous and precious.

Multi-color Moonstone– You can find the most extraordinary phenomenon in multi-color stones when they are kept in natural light. These crystals deliver a pale gauzy aura with sparkles of different hues. Wearing this stone will boost the person’s inner enthusiasm and endurance. In addition, ornaments made with this multi-color crystal will continuously develop a person’s psychological health.

White Moonstone- This stone shows white light and is usually found in the translucent stone. It is available in a small amount, although whosoever wears this stone should consider themself lucky, as this stone can improve the visionary concept.

From Where to Buy?

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