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Digital media has lessened the burden on businesses as they can market their products and services effectively and efficiently. Communication with their current and prospective customers is very easy now but still. They have to try in this concern. Online branding is one way to do this for customers. Who are not familiar with the product will know everything about it. 

There are several options for businesses to make things work for them. Businesses based in a big metropolitan city like Dubai need extreme hard work so that their products can get the attention of their target audience. 

Please go through this blog as I discuss five important factors that can make online branding easy for any product or service.

1. Live Streaming of Videos

The first aspect that I would like to discuss here are streaming videos, and most importantly, live videos. You must have gone through online stores especially on Facebook and Instagram every owner offers live streaming videos to display their product. It is a nice way to engage the audience as everything is shown in real-time so that a person can order right away. Other options include Twitch as the GenY are hooked onto this network. 

There is always the option of watching the highlights of the video or the complete video later on. In this way, businesses can get in touch with their prospective customers as not everyone can tune in to watch the Life feed. On Facebook and Instagram, live videos don’t cost you as you can do by using your smartphone too. You can always cover some interesting events or include the latest news to make the videos interesting. 

2. Memes

Some of my readers might think that memes are just for fun and are circulated through social media. But you can look at the stats of some of the most viral memes and they have millions of views. Viral videos and pictures related to a specific business or a product can get huge reception and fame. Companies can become an overnight sensation as a result of a viral meme. This is one reason that now businesses are taking memes seriously and trying to cash in on any viral trend or news. 

Memes are engaging and get the attention of everyone looking at them as it doesn’t take much time. Interesting pictures are circulated widely and most of them are shared by everyone. For small businesses and startups, it can be the head start they need to get on in the big league. This can also be termed as free marketing as a product found in a meme can instantly become very famous. 

Meme-jacking is a term related to marketers hijacking popular memes and twisting them to make a meme according to their needs. But precaution should be taken as straight lifting a viral meme can get you into trouble as copy-cat memes won’t become viral. And instead, a company can lose its credibility in the worst scenario. 

3. Infographics 

Infographics can convey a lot of valuable information within a few seconds. Engaging graphics and data visualization are at the heart of infographics as raw data and its types can be turned into a fun way that everyone can go through. If you wish to mention stats and the latest figures about your product or service, chances are that not many people will get it. But with infographics, you are bound to get at least three times the traffic.

For online marketers indulged in content marketing, infographics can be termed as their saviour. Apart from videos and memes, this has also had the potential to make a product work wonders. The best part is that incorporating them into any type of content is easy as they look pleasing to the eyes. They can be put as a standalone piece or put in a blogpost/website. The support from a reputed web design agency in Dubai can make a difference in the success of an interesting infographic.

4. Product Reviews 

Consumers give product reviews for anything they like. Also through word of mouth, they like to share anything that has benefited them or if they bought anything for a good discount. Actual product reviews are given by consumers and not fake ones can do amazing things for any brand. Because all of us like to share through social media, even a good product review can become viral.

If you will go for product reviews, this will be a great idea for you. But try to make a product that good so that the customer is inclined to give an honest review. There are several ways in which businesses go for fake reviews. This can be easily detected as consumers nowadays are very smart. And if someone will tag a fake review, this can sabotage the very credibility of the company. For the product, you can imagine its fate. 

5. Newsletters and Podcasts 

For enhancing the image of a brand. A newsletter is one of the best ways to get the attention of a visitor. Not many people visit our website twice if they don’t like the design or content. But if they will provide you with the email address to subscribe to the newsletter. His is a bonus for any company. Not only that you can send your valuable information to the person, but a valid email address is also like a treasure that can be used to build a database. 

Podcasts are also very popular amongst people as they can listen to them while on the move or even while relaxing in their homes. A podcast on their favourite subject is lapped up by the audience and that is where a product can score big. Branding can be enhanced by smartly picking up topics that can increase the engagement of people listening to it. And if even 2 out of 10 people can become a quality lead through a podcast, this is a big ratio. 

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