The vaping culture is gaining popularity among the youths, leading to a rise in the demand for vaping gear. There are various vaping accessories that buyers can use to create an unforgettable experience.

Vaping allows you to utilize your creative mind, and you can try out different tricks to make it more fun. Some of the astonishing vaping tricks users can give a try include;

  1. The Ghost

The Ghost is a popular trick also referred to as the Mushroom cloud. The trick is simple, making it suitable for beginners who are new to the vaping game and like exploring. You can use this tactic in the mouth-to-lung vaping method.

The procedure is quite easy; you need to draw out your vape gadget and don’t exhale immediately. Make a ball from the vapor in your mouth, then push it out. Afterward, you can inhale the entire vapor again as fast as you can. You will notice a small ghost of vapor as you pull it back in.

To make the process a success, you need suitable vape gear that you can get from CBD gummies at an affordable price. Besides, you must ensure the vape device has enough wattage to produce the amount of vapor required.

  1. The French inhale

Users can also try the French inhale, which you can do with your vape gear.  The trick is suitable for vapers who use the mouth to lung method.

For the trick to happen, you need to inhale a huge amount of vapor into your mouth and trap it. You can then begin to open your mouth gradually to allow the vapor to get out. You should stretch out your bottom lip so that the vapor moves towards your nose. Inhale the vapor using your nose as you expel it from your mouth.

  1. The Dragon

Users looking for an easy tactic will find The Dragon a good option, and they will master the technique after a few practices. The trick involves expelling vapor in four distinct streams.

You need to take a long draw using your vape gear. Notably, you should not inhale the vapor but exhale it profoundly through your nose and both corners of your mouth.

The contour of your lips may seem to be unsettling during your first trial; however, the technique is simple, and you will pick it up quickly and use it in your subsequent vaping sessions.

  1. Blow O’s

Blow O is a method that requires vapers to create the letter O with the vapor. The steps are simple, and users need to;

Take a draw from their vape gear, but they should not inhale any smoke. It is important to try and draw enough vapor.

The challenging part is shaping your mouth to create the desired shape O. To create the shape, you need to ensure your tongue is flat, and on the floor of your mouth, create the letter O with your lips. You can then expel the vapor using your throat, which is quite simple since you have to cough slightly.

  1. The Bull Ring

The bull ring is a technique that allows you to create rings of vapor using your nose. The tactic is simple, and you require a little practice, and eventually, you will become a vaping pro.

To start, you will need to know how to blow O’s, inhale the vapor, retain some of it in your mouth and gradually let it out. Proceed to inhale the vapor through your nose so that you can create a visible ring effect. You can redo the process to create several rings.

Other tricks

  • Tornado is a straightforward tactic; all you need is to take a huge draw of vapor then blow it out on a level surface. You need to allow the vapor to stay in your mouth for some time to ensure it becomes thicker. When you form a little cloud on the flat surface, you can chop it down using your hand. Afterward, you can twist your wrist and draw the vapor up; you will produce a cyclone inside the vapor.
  • Jellyfish: To do this tactic, users need to learn to create the letter O. After pulling the first O from your mouth, you can create a similar shape but smaller using your palms. It would be best to take huge draws from your gear to ensure you can create the shapes several times.


To make your vaping life enjoyable, you can try any of the tricks listed above. Elf bar buy online will help if you look for a vape gear expert to help you choose the right device that will enable you to try any of these tricks comfortably. Beginners can start with the simpler methods and gradually explore other tactics. However, you need to be above the legal age to vape.