If you are encountering difficulty in sleeping then do not panic because you are among the millions suffering from a similar problem. A few decades ago, sleeping disorders were rare, even when people had no money people they slept peacefully. Today when people are surrounded by all comforts of life then people are failing to get a good sleep. Without good sleep, one cannot be fully productive in their work or studies. The problem is so widespread that it cannot be ignored. And this explains the multifold sales of pills such as Modaheal 200 and Modalert 200. In this article, we shall discuss 11 reasons that pose threat to good sleep.


Due to the competitive environment in almost all fields, employees are overworkedanywhere between 10 to 12 hours daily. And in overtime, these hours can even be stretched to 16 to 18 hours. Just imagine the stress burden on such a person, it’s unbearable. There have been many instances where people had nervous breakdowns while working. Such a lifestyle does not give you enough time to sleep or to enjoy yourself with your loved ones. The sleep cycle is disturbed and the person feels dizzy during the daytime because sleep is still overdue. Using Modvigil 200 and Waklert150may provide uninterrupted sleep but for that, you need to have 5 to 6 hours free. 

Bad choice of food

Your choice of food can affect the sleep-wake cycle. Healthy and nutritious food like green vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals and seafood boost the metabolism. Blood circulation is facilitated which increases the efficiency of organs. But nowadays people are more attracted towards fries, burgers, pizzas, sugary drinks etc. These items cause hormonal changes in the brain which disturbs sleep-cycle, reduces dopamine levels which makes you feel dull and depressed.


Getting high with your friends may seem cool, but it isn’t. Alcohol, tobacco, heroin or any such addictive substance directly affects the nervous system by making it dependent on itself. When not provided with the substance the behaviour of the person turns violent and often causes self-destruction. Addiction hasn’t benefited anyone, so quit your addiction as soon as possible. If not possible to quit by yourself, get help from a rehabilitation centre.

Personal conflict

Every one of us has some issues with family, partners and colleagues. When these issues become intense, they show affect our work, mental condition and even lead to disappointment in intimate life. We cannot change our family members and people around us, what we can do is to find other ways to reduce stress. People use antidepressants to get rid of stress. But using drugs should be the last resort, try to solve issues by mutual cooperation.

Existing disorders

Your existing disorder also has the tendency of disturbing sleep. Many disorders temporarily affect sleep, this should not worry you because when the disorder is cured, the sleep cycle with restored automatically. Avoid taking sleeping pills in such circumstances as it may intensify the existing disorder can cause more damage to the sleep cycle.


Many drugs have insomnia and narcolepsy as their side effect. As soon as the medication is stopped, within a few days, these temporary sleeping problems vanish. Hence, before taking any medication read the side effects it may lead to. If you are already facing sleeping issues then tell the doctor during a checkup.

Lack of physical movement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,people have been locked in their homes for almost two to 2 years. Even work culture adapted to these changes and shifted to work from home. This restricted physical movement of the body, thus, increasing the weight of people.The calorie was only consumed but not burned in required amounts. A lethargic attitude develops that affects sleep.

Too much screen time

Spending too much time in front of electronic gadgets like laptops, mobile, Television and what not. With time new gadgets keep coming up and our time spent with them increases. In this era of digitization, we can not neglect the use of electronic gadgets in our life. The rays emitted from the screen of such devices increases stress, blood pressure and even lead to depression in many cases. One cannot do much in this aspect, therefore whenever you get free time, spend it with your friends in real life, not reel life.

Mental trauma

Sometimes a long-forgotten incident is recalled by our brain which once haunted us. The incident can be any negative event such as the death of any loved one etc. Due to some similar situations currently, those memories come back. Such a person suddenly wakes up at night when that incident is recalled. Hence, when he/she wakes up in the morning the person is still feeling sleepy and clumsy. During the day he/she gets the urge to sleep which leads to low effectiveness in work and studies.

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Uncomfortable bed

Check your bed if you can’t sleep properly because many times the bed causes some noise, furniture is not good enough or the bedsheet is stinking and such reasons affect your sleep. So, try using a soft and cosy bedsheet or change the bed if possible. You can also use a nice smelling room freshener which will facilitate the mood to sleep.

Try changing sleep position

Sleep positions are also key components in getting good sleep. There are specific points in the body that are more sensitive to sleep. In acupressure, these points are used to relieve patients from several disorders. Changing sleep positions shifts weight to different parts of the body, which may help in getting sleep.

Possible solutions

Using sleeping pills like Artvigil 150 and Modafresh 200 reduces the workload on the brain by restricting the transmission of messages going into it. Thus, the brain feels relaxed and sets in the mood of sleep. These drugs are prescription based therefore, follow all the instructions in the prescription for optimum benefits with safety.

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Sleeping disorders are currently in trend, be cautious of your lifestyle if you want not to be included among those that regularly depend on pills for sleep. If possible, go for a vacation with your family. This will uplift your mood and heal the damage done to the sleep cycle.