Erectile Dysfunction is one of the few disorders that invite other disorders and double the damage. Such type of disorders is more lethal and cause damage without much noise. Many times, the disorder is not so lethal but its subsidiary disorder turns out more dangerous. ED or Erectile Dysfunction in its initial phase is alone to trouble you, but when it is overlooked and underestimated it shows its true color.

If not treated within time, from a sexual disorder it can add hoards of other disorders to facilitate the negative effects. Even taking Fildena 150 or Cenforce 100 will become ineffective once ED is combined with other ailments. In this article,we aim to discuss some of the disorders that are caused due to ED.

But before let’s know ED

If you don’t know about the how and why of ED, then understanding the extensions and effects of ED may be difficult. ED is a sexual ailment in men that involves the poor erection of the penis. This leads to sexual dissatisfaction among partners. But why does erection become poor? When a man is seduced or sexually aroused, his brain sends instructions to allow the inflow of blood in the penis.

This movement of blood in the penile region initiates an erection. Now, till the time blood remains in the penis, erection is retained and as soon as blood exits from blood vessels of the penis, erection is also reduced.

Now, this was the normal situation. During ED, due to resistance in the path of blood, the penis is deprived of an adequate quantity of blood.So, one can say that facilitating the blood flow is the key thing for erection.

Other ailments caused due to ED


Now, do not scratch your head as to why a person suffering from ED would get depressed. After all, you need to cure ED is to taking Cenforce 100 or Fildena 100. But suffering from ED is not as simple as you think. In society, a man is identified with sexual capability therefore any sexual disorder is considered to make the man less masculine. The man becomes a piece of laughter for relatives, acquaintances, and even strangers.

So, being an ED patient means you have to fight on fronts, one with the disorder and another with society. With the disorder, you keep on improving as you take medications and follow what’s advised by the doctor.

Many men when faced with such a situation tend to blame themselves for the mishappening. They detach themselves from social events and become lonely. Such people usually find ways of not attending parties and birthdays. They tend to get hesitant while conversing with strangers and possess low self-confidence and self-esteem.The mental state of the person is messed up which makes a perfect situation for depression. It is a fact that Erectile Dysfunction patients are most likely to visit a psychiatrist.

Heart disorder

Many doctors have concluded in researches that Erectile Dysfunction and heart problems are related. If the person is suffering from high blood pressure proper amount of blood fails to enter the penis because of too much fluctuation. Thus, lack of blood in the penis creates a favorable atmosphere for Erectile Dysfunction.

This puts a significant amount of stress on the cardiac walls making them vulnerable to cardiac arrests. So, if you are facing difficulty in satisfying your woman, the problem might be related to your heart. Get properly diagnosed by the doctor and undergo medication.

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An ED patient is always in a state of disturbance and negative thoughts dominate the mindset. In such a situation sleep cycle suffers damage that gives rise to instances where the person is all tired but still unable to sleep. He falls on the bed but remains awake for hours before sleeping. And even after sleeping, suddenly wakes up several times which prevents a consistent and peaceful sleep.

Thus, in the morning when the person wakes up, he is still tired because stress hasn’t been released. This situation is called Insomnia, you may have seen in movies that a person suffering from insomnia changes behaviorin a few moments. These are not fiction rather truth because bipolar disorder is a possibility in extreme insomnia.

A great orgasm reduces stress, spreads exuberance across the mind and body, and helps in getting a good sleep after ejaculation. Insomnia is both the reason and effect of Erectile Dysfunction. This shows us the importance of sleep in providing a good erection.


Erectile Dysfunction is one of the rapid spreading disorders among men. This has propelled the use of pills like Vidalista 60 or Cenforce 150,nowadays present in Safepills4edonline site. Solutions for ED are not restricted to the use of tablets, correcting lifestyle such as eating healthy fibrous food, burning calories, and taking a good sleep will facilitate the eradication of ED.