Google Reviews

Google reviews have become the reputation manager for brands. That’s because it is now common consumer behavior to look for Google reviews before making an online purchase or trusting a brand.

Marketers have identified that for a business to succeed- they must focus on Google reviews. They need to focus on how they can amplify Google reviews. Also, how by getting a maximum number of Google reviews, brands can grow.

So, they have come up with a new strategy to amplify these Google reviews- embedding the Google reviews widget on the website. Wondering what is a Google review widget?

Let’s find out!

What Is A Google Reviews Widget?

Google review widget is a responsive tool that allows users to collect all the Google reviews and curate them into a widget that they can embed on their website by using a simple embedding code.

Using a Google review widget, you can easily make all the Google reviews from your Google business account visible to your website visitors by embedding them on your website.

Now, you must be eager to know how embedding the Google review widget on your website can be beneficial for your business. Keep reading to know more!

Why Embed Google Reviews On Websites?

1. Build Trust & Authenticity

When you add the Google reviews widget on your website, you bring your customers’ honest voices under the spotlight. Your prospects who are already looking for Google reviews find them on your website.

It adds transparency to your website as it’s not you talking about your products- it is your customers talking about their real-life experiences with your product or services. Google reviews make it easy for your customers to trust you.

2. Boost Conversion Rate

In a buyer’s journey, peer recommendations play a huge role when buyers are deciding whether to invest in a brand or not. When your potential customers are exploring your products or services, the Google reviews widget will act as the ideal source of peer recommendation for them.

It will add credibility and encourage them to buy your product, boosting your conversion rate like never before.

3. Create Social Proof

When you add the Google review Widget to your website, it creates social proof among your customers. When they see how well you have given value to your customers’ voices, it inspires them and encourages them to give a Google review for you.

When they come across these reviews, they feel happy, and they become your brand advocates. They will always choose you among your competitors and recommend you to their friends and family members.

Ways To Embed Google Reviews On Website

1. Google’s Embedding Option

Google has its embedding option with the help of which you can directly add Google reviews to your website. The option is quite easy. Just open the Google review on your Google business page, click on the options menu on the top right corner, and tap on the embed option. An embed code will appear, which you can copy and paste on the backend of your website where you want Google review to appear.

This option seems easy, but the drawback is that you have to manually select each review and add it to your website. You don’t get any layout options. Besides, there are many Google review widget tools available that allow you to add multiple Google reviews to your website. They come with auto-sync features so that each time there is a new Google review, it will automatically appear on your website.

2. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed Widget is an engaging and user-friendly tool for users to seamlessly add Google reviews to their website. You just need to connect your Google business page to your Tagembed Widget account, and it will fetch all the important Google reviews on a dashboard.

On the Tagembed Widget dashboard, you get moderation features to filter out the irrelevant Google reviews, and you get customization features to beautify your Google review widget and make the blend well with your website’s theme. Once done, you can easily generate an embed code that you can paste on the backend of your website where you want the embed Google reviews widget to appear. That’s it! That’s all it takes!

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

So, we just introduced you to the amazing Google reviews Widget. Now that we have reached the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of Google reviews, why you need them and how they can help you flourish as a business.

These were some of the benefits of adding a Google reviews widget to your website. We also introduced you to some of the leading tools that can offer you a seamless Google reviews widget experience.