Needle Roller Bearings

Definition and origin of needle roller bearings

Needle roller profile surface at the near end face slightly contracted. Needle roller and raceway line contact correction results in needle roller bearings to avoid destructive edge stress. Support roller needle roller bearing system thick-walled outer ring, high temperature and high nitrogen quenching, high precision sorting of the roller by the increased rigidity of the outer ring of the retaining edge guidance, the use of linear contact, the roller can be directly in the raceway easy rotation and can withstand the considerable load. To remove stress, the outer ring of the supporting roller is designed with a curved surface. Curved rollers are available in various models with single and double seals, without seals and with sealing rings. With a seal ring, there is ample space for storing grease, providing long-lasting lubrication with lithium base grease, and extending the lubrication interval. RSTO outer ring without retaining edge, without an inner circle to support the roller.

Features of Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings are equipped with thin and long rollers (roller length for the diameter of 3 ~ 10 times, diameter – generally not more than 5 mm), so the radial structure is compact, its inner diameter size and load capacity with other types of bearings, the outer diameter of the smallest, especially suitable for radial installation size is limited by the support results.

According to different occasions, you can choose no inner ring bearings or needle roller and cage assembly. With the bearing journal surface and shell hole surface directly as the bearing of the inner and outer rolling surface, to ensure the load capacity and running performance with the same sleeve bearing, shaft or shell hole raceway surface hardness, machining accuracy and surface quality should be like the bearing sleeve raceway. This kind of bearing can only bear radial load.

Types of needle roller bearings

In addition to the types listed in the catalogue, can be used for general engineering bearings, such as open drawn outer ring needle roller bearings (1), closed drawn outer ring needle roller bearings (2), with inner ring needle roller bearings (3) and without inner ring needle roller bearings / no inner ring without cage needle roller bearings (4), with cage and without cage filled needle roller bearings (5) SKF can also supply various types of needle roller bearings, 1, needle roller cage assembly 2, no retaining edge needle roller bearings 3, self-aligning 4, combined needle roller/ball bearings 5, combined needle roller/thrust ball bearings 6, combined needle roller / cylindrical roller thrust bearings

STO outer ring without raised edge, with inner circle supporting rollers

RNA22… .2RS double-sided sealed, without inner circle supporting rollers

NA22….2RS .2RS double sealed, with inner circle supporting roller


NATURE….PP flat retaining ring axially guided support roller


NATIVE….PP flat retaining ring axial guide bearing rollers, full needle type

NUTR rolling body guide bearing rollers, full roller type

CRY British flat retaining axial ring guide bearing roller Drawn cup needle roller bearings are with the thin, drawn outer ring. Its main feature is the low cross-sectional height and high load-bearing capacity. They are mainly used in compact, inexpensive bearing configurations where the inner bore of the bearing box cannot be used as the raceway of the needle roller cage assembly. The bearing and the bearing box must be installed by interference fit. If the box shoulder, stop ring, and other axial positioning functions can be omitted, the bearing box bore can be extremely simple and economical.

Four applications of needle roller bearings

(1) Needle roller bearings withdrew outer ring. This kind of bearing has a perforated type and seal type two, stamping outer ring needle roller bearings without

The inner circle, needle roller hundred contacts with the surface of the shaft, so the post plus I. Precision and heat treatment hardness should be the same as the inner ring of the bearing. Application Range: Drawn cup needle roller bearings with cage are suitable for high speed and heavy load, primarily used in machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles’ gearboxes, or textile machinery. Drawn cup needle roller bearings with keep frame, out of the ding filled with needle rollers, suitable for heavy load under the work

Conditions. Such as the aircraft frame, the primary missile end of the shaft, etc.

(2) solid collar needle roller bearings reliable collar needle roller bearings, commonly used solid collar needle roller bearings are type NA and

RNA type. Scope of application: solid sleeve needle roller bearings are primarily used in machine tools automobile gearbox; its advantage is the radial section size

It has the advantage of small radial section size and large radial load. Standard solid ring needle roller bearings have cages, so the speed is high and can adapt to machine tools and automobile transmissions requirements.

Machine tools, automotive gearbox requirements.

(3) Needle roller bearings apply to printing machinery, pasture machinery, agricultural machinery, CNC equipment guide rail with rollers, conveyor lines, etc.

Conveyor line, etc.

(4) Needle roller and cage assembly. Needle roller and cage assembly is the needle roller bearing without collar, Scope of application: This kind of bearing is mainly used in gearbox, motorcycle, automobile connecting rod big and trim ends. Because the temperature inside the cylinder rises, so does the bearing.

To be high temperature resistant.