SSM training is lucrative in terms of money and also exposure. However, it is not just about just getting familiarized with the process and the terminologies but also it is important to undergo the training to get globally certified.

A certified SSM candidate is in demand and is hired with much higher salaries. Though the exam is not so easy and needs hard work and dedication. Once get certified in SSM, the benefits are remarkable.

Stand out during the hiring process.

Whatever the situation is, the prospects and prominence of Agile infrastructure and Scrum processes are gaining the limelight quite quickly. Having an additional certificate in the portfolio is always beneficial. Better chance of getting hired and also a better pay scale than others.

Being an SSM expert, however, is not as easy as one thinks. Hard work and dedication is very important. You learn various things during the SSM training. Not only does it require hard work, but it requires equal amounts of commitment too. There are a lot of things that you learn during the training process.  Undergoing the training in SSM puts the learning on the right track and aids career growth.

Demand for high salaries.

Once the completion of the training, you can demand higher salaries than others. This is because the competition and the demand for this are growing every day. The companies are wanting to hire people with SSM certification and still, there are not many certified candidates.

 Better opportunities.

As an SSM certified the opportunities are better in many industries and also help in excelling in what you are doing. A scrum master can be defined as a leader who will make a high performing team which further drives faster time to market and an increase in customer engagement. The best way to pass the exam is to undergo SSM certification training.

Exam pattern

There is a total of 43 questions which will be multiple-choice questions. Out of 43, you need to get 31 correct answers.

 SSM training programme.

  • Planning and support execution.
  • Facilitating and carrying out scum events.
  • Coaching the team to increase productivity.
  • Implementation of DevOps for continuous delivery and flow.

Benefits of SSM training.

  • You will be trained by experts having years of experience. These trainers know the current trend and the industry requirements. You will also know the latest tools and techniques that will keep you ahead in the competition.
  • The training includes workshops and case studies. Also, you will have hands-on learning. Your training will include experiential workshops, case studies, Agile hands-on learning is very essential as many questions will be based on real scenarios.
  • The industry experts will guide you and give tips for the right way in your career.
  • You can access SAFe resources like ebooks, tutorials, webinars, articles, etc. All the study materials will be in one place and you can have hassle-free preparation.
  • You will be well noticed during the hiring purpose. Scrum will help in team functioning and collaboration and also helps in managing complex software development.
  • Since the success of Scrum masters mainly influences the success of companies, recruiters do not want to take risks of hiring candidates who are not competent enough.
  • So the companies will select the candidates with certification only. Every company want the best candidates A SAFe Scrum Master is responsible for timely delivery and maintaining the quality. Certified candidates are always preferred.
  •  The screening round can be easily passed and then the interview will not be of much hassle.
  • Candidates can opt for higher salaries. The companies will be ready to pay the higher salaries and a role of a SAFe scrum master is very crucial as the success of the organization depends on these candidates.
  • Now the industries like healthcare are also adopting a project-oriented approach which again leads to an increase in demand for certified Scrum masters.
  • Once you complete the SSM certification then you will be part of the community of Agile practitioners and scrum masters from different backgrounds. You will be invited to many webinars, seminars and many more such events.
  • You will learn different work cultures from different environments. There be a good job opportunity through the references. The community shares many ideas so this will keep you updated. The community is highly reputed so the growth can be awesome.

Summary of the career benefits

  • Understanding the role of scrum master and executing accordingly.
  • Certified candidates will be able to perform the program increments and programs iterations for the team and the organization.
  • You can expect high growth in your career.
  • Learning and contributing to the SAFe community and practice.

SSM certification is the significance of those people who are prepared to perform the role of Scrum Master in a SAFe environment who further increases their value to their respective teams and organizations that implements SAFe.

Candidates with the certification become the leaders and build a team who can give high performance in an organization. The increase the value of the company Some of the roles are as below.

  • In a team and the organization the usage of the scrum.
  • Simplifying the scrum events.
  • Helps in enabling the real program execution.
  • Helps in actual programme execution.
  • Helps in the improvement of provision insistent.
  • All efforts would be done and taught for the maximum business output.
  • Understanding and executing the role.
  • Provision of DevOps application in the teams
  • Helps in the presentation of Scrum in SAFe