Picture Cross Puzzles

Picture crosses, also known as nonograms are puzzles that use logic where gamers paint pictures using numbers and the clues provided. There is a block of grids represented by every number on the outer lines of the grid.

Picture cross puzzles help you identify how pieces of a picture or pictures are similar or different. Gamers can successfully solve picture cross puzzles as long as they strategically follow the few steps involved. Below is an overview of what you should know about this fun game.

The Rules of Picture Cross

1) Squares are empty or filled

2) Complete squares in a column or row represent the numbers on top or before that column or row. Figuring out the empty sections and the occupied ones is your main agenda since it’s a logic puzzle. The picture revealed to the gamer is their reward from the game.

Selection of Puzzles

You will see squares with different colours once you are done with the training, which usually takes less time. The picture cross puzzle is represented by every square. Tap the corresponding boxes to get details on any puzzles. It is important to note that there are different difficulty levels, and puzzles come in a variety of sizes.

Touch the button for the puzzle to be opened once you decide. You can earn tokens in different ways as you play the game and use them to open these puzzles.

Tips That Will Come in Handy When Playing

The coins can give you hints of where you are stuck. Select a column or row by touching the question mark icon below the field section. The correct answer will automatically be substituted by the game.

To exit the game, tap the black button. You can resume playing the game later since the occupied cells are automatically saved at this point. Unsolved puzzles that are unlocked are marked with an icon that will pause the puzzle.

Picture Cross Solution

There are clues on the top and left sides of the field – combined or individual numbers. Cells that should be coloured in the column or row correspond to those numbers. Empty cells separate the painted groups by one cell.

How to Use the Coins for Picture Cross

One can use the coins to gain token prizes, although there isn’t a direct channel to get tokens for the coins in the game. To solve the puzzle again, tap the puzzle you completed previously.

Does One Need Internet Connection to Play This Game?

Picture cross puzzles can be solved even if there’s no internet connection. However, updating the game requires gamers to be connected to the internet for them to be active participants in promotions, watch videos, access the store, and for them to share their gaming experiences on social media platforms.


As long as you focus on every column and row, you will successfully unveil the concealed image from the correct solution. If you’ve been looking for a fun way to improve your problem-solving skills, the picture cross puzzle is the game for you