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High authority backlinks are important for SEO. They help in ranking your website on the first page of Google search.

The importance of high authority backlinks has been acknowledged by Google as well. In fact, it has been said that a website with a high number of high-quality backlinks will rank higher than one with a lower number of links, but lower quality links.

High authority backlinks can be obtained in multiple ways. Today in this blog we will be discussing five ways to get high authority backlinks.

Write data-driven content to get backlinks naturally

As of now, content marketing is the most effective way to build a brand. But it does not come easy. It requires a lot of work and time invested into the process. However, if you have a data-driven content strategy, you can get backlinks naturally by targeting specific keywords related to your niche.

One way to do this is by writing data-driven content and creating infographics. It can take a while before your content starts to get better and attract links. But it is still worth the effort. Try experimenting with various types of content, different topics, and industry news to see what you can do to improve your outreach for linking opportunities.

Find broken links

Broken link building is a type of SEO strategy that helps in building backlinks. Broken link building involves finding websites with broken links and reaching them with a cold email that suggests a similar content of your website to replace the broken link. By doing so, you are able to get relevant backlinks from those websites and improve your rankings on search engines.

There are many tools that can help you find relevant broken links for your website, but if you don’t have time for this process or just want an easier solution, there are services.

3. How to do Resource page link building

Resource page link building is the process of building backlinks to your resource pages. These links are used to increase the authority of your website and improve the ranking of keywords that you target.

The first step in this process is finding relevant resources on a given topic. The second step is finding ways to get these resources mentioned on other websites that are authoritative in your niche. Retch out them and suggest your resource to mention in their posts.

Previously some great websites allowed users to edit and add their pages as a similar resource. But due to increasing spam activities, maximum sites are not allowing any kind of resource insertion by the user.

4. Roundup Posts with Niche Related Influencers

There are many ways to find influencers, but the most obvious one is to go through their social media channels.

However, it can be difficult to find the top influencers in a niche. This is where roundup posts come into play. They allow you to interview top influencers and compile their responses into content that can be used for your blog post or social media campaign. Reciprocally, those influencers will use the interview content link to their website in different sections like “Featured on”.

5. Create Useful Charts & Data Tables to get backlinks

Data tables are a great way to display data in a more visual way. They can be used for a variety of purposes like creating infographics, presentations and charts.

Visual content is an essential part of high-impact marketing strategies. Look for opportunities to improve the design or visuals in your content and see how that improves click rates, views, and engagement.

You can start communicating your information visually by taking a distinctive approach. Visual information like images, infographics and charts are more catchy and so tend to get shared a lot on social networks.

All these above-mentioned strategies work magically if implemented carefully. But it takes time and a lot of effort. In this scenario, the best option is to contact a reputed SEO agency in Melbourne and take assistance from their experts.