I just started reading Mangaowl, and I’m not sure how to read the manga. I know that I can read the manga by pressing the button that says “Read Manga” on the right side of the screen. But I’m not sure which button to press. I’m not sure which button is for reading the manga and which button is for reading the summary. I’m not sure how to read the manga, because the button for reading the manga doesn’t say “Read Manga” on the right side of the screen.

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Mangaowl, an app featuring a built-in manga reader, just celebrated its first anniversary. It has grown in popularity over the last year, having been downloaded over a million times and participating in numerous events with other applications. Here’s all you need to know about how to read manga on Mangaowl!

First and foremost, you must download the app from either iTunes or Google Play for Android. If you haven’t previously done so, you should create an account on their website. You may either join up for a free account or pay for one, just like with other manga reading applications. The subscription membership comes with several benefits above the free account, including more themes and the ability to store your progress in a chapter. If you don’t want to pay for an account, though, the free option is your best chance.


Mangaowl, like other applications, will identify your location and present you with a selection of comics that are currently popular in Japan. If you’re seeking other manga, go to the search icon and type in the title of the series you’re looking for.

There’s also a “Trending” page that highlights the most popular series in Japan right now. You won’t miss out on anything since Mangaowl will automatically feed up new chapters from any series on this list!

Once you’ve discovered a manga that piques your curiosity, simply touch on it to be sent to their library, where each chapter is listed. Each chapter includes a summary as well as publication dates for Japan and other countries such as the United States and Korea.


If you wish to read more or come back to a chapter later while reading it, there’s a “Continue Reading” icon on the top right of each chapter. This will lead you to their library, where you may either save your progress or go forward in the chapter.

Furthermore, there is a “Best” option where users may evaluate and review each comic before voting on their favorite! Users may choose which chapter is ideal for them by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of each chapter.