The passage to the new year is also loaded with great changes in the field of digital marketing. Nowadays, consumers are looking for a comprehensive shopping experience and companies have a latent need to be more visible and attract more customers, which has made the digital marketing of tomorrow evolve and offer advances in the technologies that are appearing.

Many trends are entering the market and your company must pay attention to them so as not to be left behind along the way. Next, we leave you a top 6 online marketing strategies in 2022.


Influencer or “brand prescriber” are terms that are no longer foreign to any consumer, so they are constantly in their sights, follow all their steps and often base their purchasing decisions on theirs. Brands are currently investing heavily in these influencers, and authors like Craig Greiwe and Rogers & Cowan say the market could collapse as brands focus on a few individuals who drive the results of these companies based on awareness. And they also have little return on investment.


Chatbots can be your great allies in your digital marketing strategy and become very important in interaction with customers, whether it is for sending personalized messages for a commercial purpose or to answer their questions. They are very efficient and offer 24/7 service at a lower cost. If we find the key to correctly integrating them into our marketing strategy, we will not only be able to improve our SEO positioning, but we will also increase our sales.


A third of all the time we spend online is spent watching videos, according to a study by Insivia. On mobile devices, video is king. It is the number 1 advertising format and the one that is continuously growing worldwide. So it is no longer just a mere option but a vital element of any content strategy that wants to achieve success. It is estimated that by 2020, the video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic. So we must get down to work with everything related to video marketing.


Rankbrain is an algorithm created by Google capable of transforming words into mathematical entities called vectors to help organize search results based on the CTR and the time users spend on web pages. This new algorithm will especially affect those SEO and SEM strategies that do not adapt to user behaviour.


HTTPS is a protocol that ensures your web page is viewed over a secure connection. According to a study by Moz, of the pages that ranked first in Google in June 2017, more than half of them were safe. This fact supposes a change in the user experience since the HTTP will not be accessible. Interesting, right? The great changes have already begun and we must not be left behind. 


In 2022, link building will continue to exist, but the most important and essential thing will be the location of quality links, that is, those that add value and grant authority. In 2022 the trend will also grow in the direction of building powerful relationships that get us mentions, as search engines may start to factor non-link mentions quite a bit as a ranking factor.

Are you prepared for what lies ahead? Get up to date and incorporate the new 2022 Digital Marketing trends Chatbots into your strategy.