Birth certificates are the official documents that are made when a baby is born. These certificates are mandatory and proof that a certain person is born. Without these certificates a person is not count in country’s world population. Birth certificates are also called breeder records simply means record of a baby being born on a certain date in a country. In birth certificates there is no need of photograph and biometric information because these are made when a baby is born and new born baby cannot read or write. This deficiency of identification make it easy for a person to claim any other person birth certificate.

Birth certificate’s structure:

Birth certificates don’t have any picture or biometric information. Commonly the things that are included in a birth certificate are only name, date and place of birth. The other things that usually are added in the birth certificate are

  • Whole name of a baby
  • Day, month, year of birth
  • Country name
  • Parents name, in mostly countries mother name is mandatory
  • Parents birth place
  • Information about parents like their address, occupation and ethnicity
  • Total number of children parents have means your total siblings at the time you born.

Last three points are the additional information that a person can add depends on his or her choice.

Fake Birth Certificates:

Birth certificates are issued by municipality, county, state or province of the place where the baby is born. These certificates are legal and authorized and any person can show his or her birth certificate to anyone they want. Getting a fake birth certificate is more easy nowadays because birth certificates don’t have any identification or photographs of the baby. One can easily claim other person birth certificate as their own. There are many benefits of getting a fake birth certificate. These are following

  • One can save cost that they have to spend on getting the birth certificate
  • These are very useful in case of divorce when you don’t have your real birth certificate or you have lost it somewhere.
  • Fake birth certificate used to get the custody of a child. If actual parents of child died and you want to get the custody of children then you can use the fake birth certificate to get the custody.
  • Birth certificates are also mandatory to get the death certificate of a person.
  • In some countries to get the driving license having the birth certificate is mandatory.
  • To get the apartment or to buy new houses or properties, birth certificates are used. Fake birth certificates also helps you to get the property, if you want to get the house on the behalf of your relative then you can get it using the fake birth certificate.

In short birth certificates are mandatory for everything which requires your identification.

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