Medical professionals always feel like they need assistance to make the right call about their patients. Whether it’s about prescribing medications or running financial reports to look into the financial status of practices, none of these tasks are easy to manage. There are significant chances of human eye errors even in all clinical operations, and that’s where EMR platforms step in. And two popular names in this context are Meditech EHR and Nextech EHR. 

These healthcare platforms hold a significant chunk of the EHR industry and retain a valuable customer base. Here we will present to you the details of both these solutions. So, are you ready to find out which healthcare solution is best suitable for you between Meditech EHR vs Nextech EHR? So, buckle up yourself, for we will reveal outstanding facts to you in this Meditech EHR vs Nextech EHR comparison. 

Overview of Nextech and Meditech EHR

The first thing you need to learn about EMR solutions is where their preference lies. Getting a detailed overview of these platforms is enough to get potential details. Besides the background of practices, their goals also matter. For example, suppose your goal is to scale your business but the vendor you are looking for is built to streamline clinical practices and not help them grow. This is why having actionable insight about the vendor is of utter importance. 

Nextech EHR:

Nextech is a phenomenal EHR software that takes the lead in minimizing practices’ administrative burden. This care platform enhances clinical efficiency by taking over all the nerve-wracking and daunting tasks for clinical staff. It saves loads of time for front-desk administrators so they can look after the patients in the waiting rooms instead of worrying about endless paperwork.  

This EMR solution comes with intuitive services to lessen the labor-intensive work. When it comes to leaving impressive first impressions on patients, Nextech EHR software is unbeatable. The way this vendor manages patient encounters is beyond imagination. Its customizable content, pre-configured templates, document management, and automated clinical summary generations services add value to patient-physician interactions. 

Nextech EHR  runs on an innovative AI-driven interface making it easier to run clinical operations. Accessing patient records, requesting lab tests, and running performance reports is no big deal for this flawless platform. It even levels up the communication between patients and physicians through a secured interface leading to meaningful interactions. The cherry on the top is that Nextech EHR software provides a voice dictation service.

Meditech EHR:

Meditech EHR is a robust care platform driven by excellence in all clinical aspects. Thes software enjoys an unblemished reputation in the industry and scores a potential client base. Meditech EHR software features unparalleled services to shape the workflow of clinical practices. It aligns itself with the goals of healthcare organizations so that the care professionals can get the best out of this vendor. 

This unique platform enables practices to be a part of a vast healthcare community network comprising over 2300 healthcare organizations. Besides focusing all its attention on offering fine-grade clinical solutions, Meditech EHR also gives a keen thought to its customer support services. On top of that, it maintains data backup to dodge any uncertain circumstances that may be unfavorable for practitioners. 

A worthwhile fact about Meditech EHR software is that it is a fully integrated and interoperable solution. The way this agile solution handles patient encounters is worth praising. Clinicians can rely on this platform if they want to scale their business as it grows with the growth of practices. Also, it assures that all patients get optimal treatment and charges rightfully for the services availed. 

Meditech vs Nextech EHR Demo:

You can’t get a definitive idea about how an EMR vendor works just by going through the reviews and features. Instead, you need practical insight to understand how effective and productive it is. That’s why we think this Meditech EHR vs Nextech EHR is incomplete without sharing trivial details about their demos. 

Nextech EHR Demo:

If you want to have an inside look at Nextech EHR, there’s no better option than its demo. The demo of Nextech EHR is compiled of salient facts about its features. Reviewing the few-minute demo of Nextech EHR is all you need to decide if it’s with investing or not. In the user’s opinion, the Nextech EHR demo is compelling, engaging, and well-detailed. 

Meditech EHR Demo:

Like many other solutions, Meditech EHR provides a free demo for interested clients. This cost-free demo of Meditech EHR is full of to-the-point facts about its tools and services. Users having experienced it say that the Meditech EHR is one hell of a full-packed tutorial that gathers everything under one roof. It’s not just detailed but content-rich.

Meditech EHR vs Nextech EHR Pricing:

The pricing structure of EMR solutions also plays a vital role in the final decision. So, after looking into the functioning of these solutions, you must look into what they cost to their customers. Investing in a solution with an extensive feature range is no good if it overcharges for its services. So, let’s look into the pricing element in this Meditech EHR vs Nextech EHR comparison.

Nextech EHR Pricing:

Nextech EHR does not provide pricing details. There are rumors that Nextech EHR is heavily priced, but you should request a quote to know for sure. We know for sure that the pricing plans of Nextech EHR don’t come with any hidden or additional fee. Also, Nextech EHR provides monthly-based subscription pricing plans. 

Meditech EHR Pricing:

Meditech EHR does not come with a listed pricing structure. Its price details are shared with the respective customers upon request. The best part is that it offers an on-premise deployment facility, followed by a one-time implementation fee. Meditech EHR practices a monthly-based pricing model for cloud-based deployment.  

Final Thoughts:

If by reading this fine Meditech EHR vs Nextech EHR post, you think you can finally decide which EHR is “the one” for your practice, that means our efforts bore fruit. We need nothing more than this. Our prime aim is to assist you in making a beneficial decision by thoroughly evaluating the EHR platforms. So, if by any chance you are confused about any particular aspect feel free to reach out to us.