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Nowadays, we live in a very tech-based world. There has been evolving growth in the tech industry. This change has directly impacted several aspects of our day-to-day lives. Whether it is playing chess against the computer or being able to play a rummy game with your distant family or friends, online gaming platforms make the process a lot easier. Some certain websites or platforms also give you money in the form of a reward when you play online games on their site. And with time people have taken a keen interest in these platforms which entertains them and also offers an opportunity to earn real cash. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the list of games that allow you to earn money when you play them. 


India has always been intrigued with card games. We play cards at every gathering. Several card games have been made available to us that keep us entertained. Rummy is a card game that is played and enjoyed by adults. Due to the growth in technology, it has become possible to play your favourite games online and that applies to rummy as well. Several rummy game apps have made playing rummy anywhere and anytime possible. Not only do these apps keep you entertained but also can give you good opportunities to earn money while playing online. 


Ludo is the most common and easy game that is. It is the kind of game that anyone can play while sitting leisurely. Since the lockdown has taken place the demand for ludo has significantly increased and that led to the growth of different Ludo apps. These apps allow you to play the game according to your convenience. They also allow you to play this game with your friends while being at a distance from them. This feature has made people play online Ludo even more. It only requires 4 players or you can also play against the computer. Aside from these benefits, certain apps can also give you the chance to earn money while playing. 


Football is a common game played these days. Football can be fun and exciting but can be tiring at the same time. Thanks to the growth of digital space, playing football is now possible at ease. Playing football online has been categorised as playing in a fantasy world. There has been a steady growth in the demand for fantasy online games and football happens to be on the top of this list. Certain apps allow you to make teams or play like a player inspired by real-life football players. Certain football-based apps allow you to win tournaments. These can be held locally or even globally. You can earn money through these tournaments. Not only are playing these tournaments a way to earn money but you can also earn money while joining cash contests. 


Carrom is the most traditional game to be present in an Indian household. Carrom is one of those games where you can lay back and not think of much strategising. This can be played with a group of 4 players. Carrom set up can be big and require a large space. The apps made for online carrom have made this problem go away. These apps can be convenient for you. They have the flexibility in themselves as it allows you to play carrom anytime and with whoever you want to play with. Certain apps also promise opportunities to earn money while playing carrom at your convenience. 

8 ball 

8 ball pool is a billiards game. It is one of the classic tabletop games. It is played professionally as well. 8 ball pool was primarily enjoyed by those who are very rich since it is often present in high-end clubs. But that is not the case anymore. The development of gaming apps on online platforms has made 8 balls available to everyone. The apps that are made for 8 balls offer you the guidance to play as a beginner. These gaming apps can hold tournaments as well where you can participate and win rewards. The rewards can be in the form of money as well. Due to this facility 8 ball or pool has been in demand in India in the online gaming market. 

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