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The adoration of online games is only increasing with time. There is a large population of people that engages themselves in the thrill of such games. The rummy game is also gaining attention with the advent of live game streaming. GetMega is one of the most popular applications that includes many games including rummy. The entire platform is distributed in three different categories. The first is casual games where you can find games like carrom, pool etc. The next and the most popular category is the card game where you can find games like poker and rummy. The third category contains trivia games like quizzes and puzzles to tease your thoughts and dig further. The article will navigate you through the world of gaming that you can indulge in on several online platforms alongside GetMega. 

Popular Games to Play Online

Every person regardless of their age can indulge in either of the games from the following set of casual, card and trivia games:

Casual Games 


Carrom has been popular among the youth and elders of the households for ages. In India, it is often played at parties and other social gatherings. Presently the game is a huge hit among online gaming enthusiasts. It is a simple board game that can be learnt easily. The black and white coins used for playing carrom are called carrom men. The game starts with arranging the men alternatively with a red coin called the queen at the centre of the board. 2 to 4 people can play the game at once. Sitting at one side each on the square table. Players get to strike from only their side. Every player gets extra shots when they pocket their coins. 


This is one of the simplest games but can get on your nerves as it requires good concentration to continue the game for long. Here you have to slice fruit with the help of a virtual cutter by swiping right, left, up and down. Furthermore, you can win over your opponents by cutting all the fruits before them. You can also play the game individually and win by cutting the fruits on screen before the buzzer buzzes. 

Go pool

The pool is an entertaining billiards game that people usually play at houses parties and bars. You can play the game with two or more people at a time. Different forms of this game are available like 8 ball pool, 9 ball pool, straight pool etc. If you play straight pool you will need another player to start a game. Here balls are placed in a triangle form in between the table which the players have to pocket. Further, before pocketing a player has to call out the name of the ball. However, there is no hierarchy in the set of balls used to play pool. 

Card Games


Texas is a form of the famous card game poker. It requires multiple players that require strategic plans and skills that develop with practice. This is generally played at casinos and at home. Besides, online gaming platforms are also increasing the craze for this mind teasing game. Poker involves the use of chips to bet and the use of cards to play the game. The rules of this game are many. One needs patience and perseverance to play poker as it is not a game that can be played easily.


Rummy is one of the most popular card games that is spread worldwide. It has many variations but all of them are played with a deck of 52 cards. However, in the online variation of rummy game 29 card set is also used. The goal of this game is to form sequences and sets after the distribution of cards by the dealer. If you choose to play the 13 card variation of rummy then you have to make 2 sequences and one of these has to be a pure one. Further, the cards have rankings according to the pictures and numbers. 

Trivia Games


This is a paradise for people curious to know things. As the name suggests, GK is a quiz game that includes solving questions within a given time. It has questions from numerous genres. Be it Bollywood or cricket or even geography you will not be disappointed with the options displayed. You can choose the genre according to your liking. 


This is a game that will be an exercise for your mind. It involves memorizing the tiny details of different objects. Besides, it also tests your senses to guess minute differences between similar things. Also, it has the option of guessing the logos of different brands and companies. It requires strong reflexes and keen observation to continue with succeeding rounds


If you have a mind of a mathematician then 123 is your game to play. It requires fast mathematical inputs to win every round in 123. Furthermore, you will also get to solve sums very quickly with a set timer. Besides, you will have to have quick reflexes to beat the timer. The excitement does end here, you can also win money as a prize by showing off your love for calculations and maths.

Among all the platforms, GetMega is a heaven for gamers of all sorts. Besides, you can win cash by playing any game over the same. And if you are worried about its legality, then the good news is that it has fair gameplay certification. Here you can withdraw the won cash instantly. The application is trusted by over 5 million people.