mental health

We are in the year 2022, and many people still don’t believe in the importance of mental health. For them, buzzwords like stress have no actual meaning. However, the reality is far from it. Due to such mindsets and the consequence of unhealthy lifestyles, mental health has become a serious concern. Whether it be the uncontrollable anxieties or the lack of stress regulation, there are many challenges that people face.

The good news is that most mental health problems can be managed by timely interventions. Of course, the more serious ones like depression and mental health disorders require help from a Psychiatrist in Lahore.

However, certain issues can be resolved by taking habits that are good not only to help in protecting your mental health but improving it as well.

10 habits to take up

Come up with a self-care plan

Self-care is not selfish; it’s essential. It certainly doesn’t imply that you remove the empathetic bone in your body, or make everything about you, but it means that every now and then, you take care of yourself.

Listen to your body, your mood, your mind, and hear what they want. Try to pamper yourself to make you feel better. Go out with friends, grab a nice cup of coffee, try to unwind with your family. Have a spa day; essentially, do whatever will give you pleasure.

A part of self-care is also taking up habits that are important for your welfare. Some points to be mindful of include eating better. Physical activity is also a must. Make sure that you get enough rest.

Cut back on work

To live a happy life, it is important that you have a work-life balance. If work is becoming all-consuming, then you must cut back on it. Also, try to delegate tasks to others and ask for help when needed.

Downtime activities

For when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, take up some good downtime activities, like knitting, reading, painting, journaling etc. Such activities improve your mood and stress levels in the body.

Have a good cry

We have given crying such a negative connotation. People who cry are thought of as extremely emotional, or worse yet, weak. However, crying is a natural emotion. It is very cathartic and helps in releasing the pent up emotional turmoil in your body.So, when you are feeling down and want to have a good cry, do!

Positive self-talk and affirmations

Surrounding yourself with positive energy is a must. We attract the very energy that we think of, and so, if you keep your mind positive and focus on the good, good will happen to you.

This can be challenging for people who suffer from complexes, aren’t confident in their abilities, or have low self-esteem. So, talking yourself out of it, with the aid of good pep-talks and affirmation is important.


Sometimes, the surge of happiness comes from when you help others out. So, schedule random acts of kindness to give your mind some peace.


Massage helps in getting rid of the stress knots that have your muscles clenched up. When your body feels relaxed, your mind also then follows suit.


Meditation is great for better mental health. It helps in lowering stress levels. Relaxing during these few minutes also allows your body to get rid of the tension.


Quality shuteye is imperative for your mental health. Adults need around 7-9 hours of sleep, so make sure to get as many.

Practice gratitude

There are so many benefits of gratitude, improving mental health being one of them. It helps in promoting contentment, improves your disposition, is good for the mind, allows you to experience positive emotions whilst keeping the negative ones at bay, and helps with anxiety. Of course, if your anxiety levels remain unmanageable, you should consult your Psychiatrist in Karachi.