The Chinese juggernaut Huawei is doing well and actively extending its range despite disputes with the US. Huawei is now transitioning to more serious gadgets from phones, watches, and laptops. Early in the year, the first Huawei Mate Station S desktop computer was made available in China. Europe received it in August. In February, Huawei Display, a Chinese business, unveiled its first huawei monitor. And at the beginning of August, two other noteworthy models hit the market: the curved Huawei MateView GT for gamers and the highly fashionable Huawei MateView for work from home and the office. Since we have been evaluating the latter for a few weeks, we are prepared to express our thoughts.

With a 28-inch panel with an uncommon 3:2 aspect ratio and a simple design, the Huawei MateView is stunning. Most people will consider it pricey (699 euros in Europe), but if you can afford it, you won’t regret it. The monitor is well-equipped, provides a lovely image, and looks fantastic. a true flagship product.

principal attributes, location, and cost

There are plenty of models available on the 28-inch monitor market. There are many top-notch models available. However, the selection is fairly limited if we take into account those models with a 3:2 aspect ratio. And here Huawei has a great possibility to succeed and establish a solid base.

A 28.2-inch, 4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2560, DCI-P3 color space, & VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification are features of the Huawei MateView. This indicates that folks who work with video and graphics may find the gadget to be a useful option. Additionally, according to Huawei, every display is examined for accurate color reproduction under factory settings.

MateView is not a good option for gamers; the MateView GT is a better option for that. MateView lacks FreeSync, a high refresh rate, and a fast response time.

Additionally, the HSN-CBA model of this monitor features wireless communication. Although a variant without it is available, only the HSN-CBA is offered in Poland (where we obtained the gadget for the test). However, you must own a Huawei smartphone to use this fantastic function. There are good wired solutions if you have them, like us: USB-C, HDMI, and MiniDP. A speaker is also included in the design. There is also a 65 W USB-C output for charging a phone or laptop.

What’s in the box

The box also contains a separate cable box, DisplayPort – miniDisplayPort, USB-C – USB-C, and a power supply in addition to the monitor itself (not a very large black box with a detachable wire and USB-C connector). You must locate your cable if you wish to use HDMI.


The Huawei MateView was praised for its beauty by everyone who saw him, even people who saw him in my images on social media. There is rarely anyone who will not enjoy this basic item with a silver case made partially of aluminum. The body has a thickness range of 13.3 mm at its thickest and 9.3 mm at its thinnest. Many people, though, would immediately think of Apple products when they see MateView. However, I find it to be rather unique.

Mystic Silver is the only color available. High-quality plastic that feels so good to the touch and makes up the majority of the body can even be mistaken for metal. The aluminum on the display’s edges. Although the metal seems a little bit rough to the touch, its surface is polished.