iPhone XR

Even the topmost branded phones display considerable errors and problems that interrupt the smooth functioning of the device. And the iPhone XR is not an exception. Several owners of this phone are dealing with whopping technical and performance issues. 

The manufacturers are struggling hard to overcome the challenges, but users are constantly facing certain iPhone XR connectivity issues. This article will highlight these issues with their possible solution.

Unstable Wi-Fi Network

The network forgetting features could also be the reason for the Wi-Fi connectivity problems in iPhone XR. Hence, remove the network and reconnect. Ensure you’re connected to the right network. Go to Settings and the Wi-Fi menu to check the Wi-Fi name and password. To find a saved Wi-Fi password on a Mac, use Keychain Access. To make changes to Wi-Fi settings, you may need to provide your password. In case you do not know how to find out what your Wi-Fi password is, visit https://setapp.com/how-to/find-a-saved-wifi-password-on-mac.

No Internet Connection

Multiple users are encountering the issue of getting no internet connection. This problem is faced even if connected to Wi-Fi. There could be several reasons for this, including random glitches, network outages, and invalid settings. To fix this problem, reboot the wireless router and modem. If it is fine, then try soft resetting your phone. Turn the Wi-Fi feature On and Off to refresh the internet connection. Or, try performing a factory reset.

Inappropriate Cellular Data

Apple iPhone XR users encounter problems with cellular data that doesn’t work after updating to iOS 12.1.4. The easiest solution is to restart or do a soft reset. If the problem doesn’t solve, change cellular settings, disable Wi-Fi calling, and restart your iPhone. You can also try checking and installing carrier updates. Other methods include restoring the phone to factory defaults and toggling Airplane mode ON and OFF.

No Service Error

This is another iPhone XR problem most commonly faced by users. It creates difficulty making or receiving calls, connecting to the internet, and sending/receiving text messages. Fix this issue by turning cellular data off and on. Try disabling your cellular data and then soft reset or restart your phone. Remove and reseat your SIM card after turning off your phone and then inserting the SIM ejector tool. Remove your SIM card and check it for any damage.

Inconsistent Bluetooth Connection

This is one of the most common iPhone XR connectivity issues that several users are facing. If you’re also unable to connect iPhone XR to various Bluetooth devices, then reset the device to factory defaults. Or, go to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Select connectivity issues that use ‘i’ in the circle. Click ‘Forget this device’ and reconnect the Bluetooth device. Another thing you can try is to reset network settings in the Settings menu.

Unreliable XR Signal

It happens with most of the users that they lose signals or deal with the intermittent signal on their iPhone XR. This usually happens due to defective built-in antenna or damaged hardware. The first solution method you can try is to reboot your iPhone. Update carrier settings by going to Settings and selecting About in General. Check if a new carrier update is available. If there is a pending update, simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Other iPhone XR Issues

Apart from connectivity problems, there are a lot more issues that iPhone XR owners deal with. Updating the device can resolve many of these issues, and understanding the actual reason is important for troubleshooting the problem. Some of the commonly faced iPhone XR issues are as follows:

  • Face ID Issues

If your iPhone XR can’t register your face while scanning in a room, bring it closer to your face. Or, try in an adequately lit room. Try looking on the screen actively to give your phone the proper attention. This is because sometimes the Face ID learns the user’s face over time if he or she keeps changing their look. If it is still not registering your face, get in touch with the professional Apple Support.

  • iCloud Restoration

It might be possible that you get stuck while updating iCloud settings. At that time, perform a hard reset by pressing Volume Up and Volume Down and let go. Press and hold the side button until you get the Apple logo on the screen. If you’re experiencing this problem in your new iPhone XR, create a local backup and then restore the iPhone backup. If you find it difficult to back up the device’s data correctly, take help from the Apple store website.

The Conclusion

That’s all about the common connectivity issues that iPhone XR users are facing these days. As you can see, each of the problems has mostly similar solutions. So, there is no need to worry. By making certain changes in the settings, you can quickly fix various problems. Hence, if you face any issues, try to troubleshoot them by yourself.