All of you want to stay on top and be visible to everyone. However, this may not be possible for you unless you are a famous celebrity, a business tycoon, a sports person, or anyone else who has an immense popularity. But having your website on top of Google searches and being visible to everyone is something that you can achieve through your efforts. And believe me, this is going to be beneficial for you in every aspect. 

If you are running a business, you will be willing to have your website in the top searches so people will know more about your business and company. This will help you a lot in grabbing new clients. Do you have information on how to top rank your site on any search engine? No, Don’t worry! We have the answer, Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO. 

You need to hire a search engine optimization specialist in New York to rank your website high on any search engine, especially Google. Blogging is the fundamental way to assist you in SEO. Through blogging, you can make your website visible and high-ranked. However, the main concern is how blogging will help SEO. Let’s figure out this answer by knowing the ways through which blogging can do so. 

Fresh Content

Which type of content will grab more attention when you compare a new one with the older one. Definitely, people go for the new one. People always love to find something new. The latest and modern content will definitely have something unique that is missing in the older one. Therefore, it will produce more organic traffic to your website. 

Blogging will assist you in developing new content every day. Whenever you start blogging, you have some new and brilliant ideas in your mind. You discuss some new aspects and some new things. All this will combine well to generate fresh and attractive content for your website. This will bring a lot of new traffic to your website and assist SEO.

Plenty of Index Pages

People will like to read more about you when you provide them with legit and modern content. This will create traffic to your website and help SEO. However, this will be limited if your website has a low count of index pages. This will also cause a reduction in traffic if you start uploading new content in the future and you have to start things from zero again. 

While blogging will assist you in uploading new content every day. During blogging, you will have some new ideas every day and then develop these ideas into your content. This will allow you to have more and more index pages on your website. Your readers or visitors will continuously have something to gain from your website. This will assist you in doing the SEO of your site.

Internal Links Addition

You want people to see more about you and your website. This is the key to making your site SEO. However, you cannot do so by normal means. Blogging will assist you in this regard as well. Through blogging, you will generate several blog posts and upload them to your website. These blog posts can be interrelated and make your audience go through all your posts.

Moreover, it is very convenient to add internal and external links to your blog posts. You can simply relate your post with some other blog of your own and give its internal link in the post. Moreover, you can use the same trick to improve your sales. You have to provide links to your products in your blog posts so people can know more about them and buy them.

Improved User Time

The more time your users spend on your website, the greater will be the chances of its SEO. The only way to confine your users to spend more time on your site is to grab their attention through your posts. Blogging will assist you to generate posts that users like at first glance and spend time going through them. You only have to target some SEO keywords during blogging and develop a beautiful piece of content. The post will do the rest of the work. Interlinking the blog posts also makes users spend more time on your site. 

Social Media Sharing

It’s not a direct way that assists you in SEO of your website. However, it plays a vital role in generating new and organic traffic. Blogging helps you in developing informative and exciting posts. These posts can be shared on any social media platform. This sharing will lead others to reach your website and go through your posts. 


Now you know blogging will do the trick to make your website SEO. It will also bring many other benefits such as improved sales. It’s up to you when you are heading to start blogging.