Iphone sucks

Reasons Why iPhones Sucks

There is fierce competition between these mobile companies and their products in the current mobile market, where every company is fighting to dominate. Apple’s position at the top of the mobile market today is not a mistake, as the iPhone debuted with a well-designed mobile operating system, a sturdy physical design, and a few additional features.

It’s undeniable that Apple revolutionised what we now refer to as cellphones, but if you’re unfamiliar with the iPhone or are currently trapped with one, you may believe there is nothing better than owning an iDevice.

People frequently complain about how inferior Android phones are to their iPhones. So why are Androids awful, I wonder. Seriously, what is wrong with Android?

You’re missing out if you haven’t used a flagship Android device like the Galaxy S20 or the Google Pixel 4. These two smartphones rank among the finest of 2020.

This essay focuses solely on the negative aspects of the iPhone, and I know that many users will grudgingly agree with me on the reasons listed below. It doesn’t discuss “this Vs. that” or claim that the iPhone sucks or anything like that.

Operating System

First and foremost, without discussing it, I couldn’t have a list of 10 reasons why an Android is superior to an iPhone.

Since its beginnings, Android 10, the newest operating system (OS) created by Google, has advanced significantly.

Android is no longer incredibly sluggish and clogged up, especially on devices older than two years.

I can attest to the fact that older Android phones, after being used for a few years, would become incredibly sluggish.

The customization options for Android are astounding. Almost all aspects of the phone may be customised to your preferences so that it is uniquely yours.

The fact that my Samsung Galaxy S10+ runs Android is one of my favourite features.

Reasons Why iPhone Sucks

The Google Assistant is undoubtedly one of the Android operating system’s main benefits. There is no comparison between the Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Compared to Apple Siri, the Google Assistant is a thousand times better.

Ask the Google Assistant to perform anything for you or to find the answer to a query online, and she will do so almost immediately.

When asked “Is Android or iOS better?” Siri would likely reply, “I like turtles.”

Mass Storage & File Transfer

When connected to a computer, other smartphones’ internal memory will appear as an external disc, making file transfers from the phone to the computer and vice versa quite simple. With the iPhone, however, this is not the case. Using your phone as mass storage is still a pain in the butt because everything must be done through iTunes.

Even while your PC could have iTunes installed, what if the machine you’re transferring to doesn’t? The bluetooth transfer issue is another annoyance. I don’t think Apple would permit any software to be published in the App Store to carry out that role.

Price & Affordability

Do you want to get the most value for your money if you want to purchase a brand-new iPhone or Android phone?

You do, of course. Who wants to shell out a lot more money for an iPhone that is less feature-rich and less powerful than a top-tier Android device?

The cost and accessibility have long been among the top 10 reasons why an Android phone is superior than an iPhone.

In general, Android phones are less expensive than iPhones, and flagship Android phones provide more features and far superior hardware than comparable iPhone models.

Reasons Why iPhone Sucks

Apple charges you pennies and dimes for everything. Apple stopped included headphones in the package with the iPhone 12 model. Really, Apple? When a customer purchases a $1200 phone, you can’t provide a free pair of headphones? Nope. For AirPods, they want a further $150 from you.

Therefore, after adding $150 for AirPods to your $1200 new iPhone and $300 for your AppleCare warranty, your total for the phone and headphones came to $1650.

External Memory

It’s obvious that Apple is making a lot of effort to stand apart from the pack and not do as everyone else, yet all we see are failures. or why is there no external memory option for the iPhone? To name a few, Sony was able to create a water-resistant phone, while Samsung made a tremendous advancement with its eye-scrolling feature. All of these advancements were made without sacrificing the fundamentals that still make phone usage simple for customers.

Apple hasn’t been recognised for creativity in recent years, and even if they want to come up with something original and distinct, they should find other methods to accomplish it without taking away from what mobile customers have long enjoyed.

Media Support

Media support for various video formats is not conceivable, although the iPhone’s audio output is tolerable to a considerable extent. There are no other video formats supported by the default video player; only MP4 files may be played. Without going through the inconvenience of converting to MP4 on a PC and synchronising through iTunes, you cannot just download a video from the internet and view it on your device. Although there are programmes that can play various video formats, this functionality ought should be available by default without the use of any additional software.


Numerous manufacturers of Android phones have a history of producing cutting-edge products.

Almost every time a big firm publishes a new Android phone, new cutting-edge features are pushed out. Android-powered mobile devices consistently seem to have an advantage over its rivals, whether it is in-screen fingerprint sensors or modular phones.

I believe the majority of people would agree that Tim Cook’s tenure as CEO of Apple following Steve Jobs’ death has been marked by little to no innovation with each new iPhone model.

I am constantly anticipating something fresh and inventive at every Apple presentation where new iPhones or an upgrade to iOS are announced.

Reasons Why iPhone Sucks

The Apple WWDC and Apple Special Events, on the other hand, have largely been yawn fests over the past few years.

Apple’s method has often been to “polish” newly announced, intriguing features before releasing them two years later.


All iDevices run iOS, Apple’s clean, simple, but severely constrained mobile operating system. Except for jailbreaking, it’s nearly hard to change or tweak in any manner. Some people are still able to enjoy a little degree of independence thanks to the jailbreak method, but I must warn you that Apple is making every effort to prevent jailbreaking for everyone.

A significant benefit of Android over iOS has long been widgets. In order to “reduce clutter,” Apple decided not to allow widgets on any of your major home screens. Why? One of my favourite features of Android is having widgets on my home screens.

Funny enough, Apple debuted the functionality with iOS 14 in 2020 and realised that having widgets on your home screen was more useful than they had first expected.

You may add a variety of widgets to your home screens on Android. These widgets might include a personalised clock, weather forecast, alarm clock, flashlight, email, messages, direct calls to contacts in your phone, and much more. Your home screens may be set up as you like on them so that they are precisely how you want them to be.

Limited Devices

Since it’s the iPhone, your only options are an iPhone 5, 4S, 4, or 3GS. Variety, as they say, is the flavour of life, but with Apple products, this is not the case. There aren’t many options for devices, and to make matters worse, iOS is growing stale; it still has the same dull design from 2007 that has only been updated. Choose from a variety of Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia, and other models, including high-end and low-end smartphones. Apple does not give you an option.

Universal Power Supply

USB chargers are a wonder! Numerous products, including Android phones, use them as their basic charger. Almost all Android smartphones utilise USB-C or micro USB chargers.

Which does Apple possess? So they made their own chargers, known as lightning cords. These are not only unique and exclusive to Apple products, but they are also frequently of very poor quality.

You might wonder why Apple would take such a step. because doing so increases their revenue. Apple would incur losses if they moved to USB-C chargers for all of its iPhone models.

Reasons Why iPhone Sucks

This is due to the fact that USB-C chargers are substantially more affordable on Amazon than lightning cables are on Apple’s website.

Additionally, if your Apple charger breaks, you’ll need to spend even more of your hard-earned cash to replace it.

Over the course of their ownership of Apple goods, who in the world should be required to pay more than $300 to replace additional chargers? Apple certainly has some of the lowest quality chargers and accessories I’ve ever used, which is saying something coming from a business that constantly preaches about the quality of their goods.


There is no denying Apple’s position as a major player in the mobile industry, and their past innovations are certainly deserving of praise. However, the intense competition they are currently facing should spur them on to improve and give customers what they actually want, not what Apple thinks they want. A survey should definitely be beneficial to the business, but I seriously doubt that they do.

With all the aforementioned arguments, I’m not attempting to support any one manufacturer or imply that one phone is superior than the iPhone; rather, I’m just expressing the facts. Although I appreciate the iPhone, I am aware of its many drawbacks. How do you feel?