The corporate world is fast-paced and essentially stops for no one. Entrepreneurs are designing and creating the next best thing, business owners are transacting money-making deals. Being bombarded with emails and unwanted advertising mail is the last thing anyone wants, needs, or has time for.

As a company owner or executor, you want your brand and company name to be seen as something of quality, not an annoyance of information with no substance. But it happens every day to firms who may not know it is happening to their emails and initiatives being sent out online. You want to be one step ahead of the game and to have an elevated marketing system that is a household name.

Better Business

When a firm is looking to send out its latest products or catalogs to its loyal customers and clients the inscription of how it is sent can often get lost in translation or be mistaken for something else. The online world of marketing and advertising is a multi-million dollar industry, and if you have the right marketing program in place you will be part of the movement rather than being left behind.

Mailing companies are everywhere, offering you the world, delivering only a fraction of their promises, and customers and companies are left on the sidelines wondering how to pick themselves up. You may have spent a small fortune on your new campaign, and created new and innovative products ready to take the world by storm, but if people don’t know about them it will all be for a lost cause.

You want a mailing company that treats every customer like an individual and only has their best interests in mind, and one such brand making headlines is Their free account seems impossibly too good to be true yet you have the advantages of a quality mailing company without a large financial lump sum to get the ball rolling. has a free account that offers you not only unlimited daily sending of emails with no advertising, but you have the freedom of sending up to 80,000 emails per month to your loyal 20,000 contacts.

What more could you ask for?

And they help better service your emails with edited keywords, corrected email content, and recipient information so that spam folders will no longer be a concern of where your mail may end up. Now your hard work and hours spent over details perfected for your client’s needs will reach their inbox instantly.

Doing it Right

Your company is more than likely something you have dreamt about building and creating since you were young, and now that those dreams have become a reality, you want to stop your mail contact and advertising promotions from landing in the spam or even worse, phishing category.

Thankfully, there are a few things you could do right away, and others need a moment to implement and have integrated into the brand. Let’s see how you can protect your reputation and email marketing.

·         Whitelist – Ask your clients and contacts to whitelist your company just to be safe to ensure they never miss contact with you or miss out on a great product.

·         Permission – Naturally, you would always ask the subscriber if they want to give their email and be contacted from time to time.

·         Reliable – Use a reputable and trusted email marketing program such as so you are protected and your customers feel safe knowing their information is secure on your database.

·         Legality – Following the laws concerning email marketing is a must.

Brand Marketing – Offline or Online, which is best?

There is no definitive right or wrong answer here but more consideration should be given to trying a few options based on what type of target audience you want to reach, and which methods would best suit maximizing results.

Both options come with pros and cons and as we know in many industries what works this week may be a huge flop the next as interests are increasingly diluted on topics, and are essentially influenced by social media platforms or fashion trends at that given moment.

The best advice you could heed is to remain as flexible as possible, work with the momentum, take the good with the bad while learning from mistakes, and enjoy the journey. Online may be a good choice for cost-effective methods that reach specific demographics and have sustainability, while offline advertising allows for increased creativity and captures your audience when they are most attentive.

Either way, as with all things in life, balance is key. 

Rounding Up 

If you want to take your brand to the next level be willing to put in the work, do your research and find an impeccably reliable email marketing firm, and build that relationship on the right foot for a prosperous future together where everyone is a winner.