Supermicro is an information technology company. It has manufacturing operations in Silicon Valley and Greater China, including offshore solutions. It was established in 1993. Supermicro has facilities worldwide, including other sites in the United States, Mexico, Israel, and Taiwan. The company provides hardware design capabilities to help customers create custom machines across various applications. Supermicro sells its products to business, government, and education markets worldwide. 

Supermicro produces computer motherboards that power data centers or high-availability networks for cloud computing data storage systems, high-performance traders on Wall Street, and digital video providers with content delivery networks. The company also manufactures systems used by airlines for inflight entertainment and governments for photocopiers at checkpoints.

1. Why Supermicro 

Supermicro is the market leader in mobility solutions with all-in-one platform solutions for both deployment and enterprise solutions to increase business speed, efficiency, and uptime. The company offers an extensive range of mechanical, power management, and electronic enclosures that deliver full-featured systems to meet the needs of any data center. It has also provided a range of motherboards with 2U dimensions in vertical or horizontal storage environments. Supermicro has systems that governments can use to produce photocopies at checkpoints or by airlines for entertainment on flights. HPC solution for Big Data and analytics for financial institutions, banks, and hedge funds. The company also has an HPC solution for Big Data and analytics for financial institutions, banks, and hedgies. 

Supermicro offers a range of devices, from servers to storage devices, networking components, and accessories to connect devices. Supermicro’s product line includes motherboards with small or high-density form factors used in the data center or network equipment rooms. Its server systems are designed to help keep up with high-performance computing tasks such as video surveillance of networks and secure access systems at airports or government checkpoints. 

2. History

Supermicro began as a five-person operation run out of a garage in San Jose, California. Charles Liang, a Taiwanese engineer, and businessman, founded the company. Today it is one of the most successful companies in the world, with over 15 billion dollars in annual revenue and a market cap of over $30 billion. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in San Jose, California. It has regional offices in Taipei, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China. The company has more than 30 facilities located around the world. Supermicro was founded by Charles Liang (founder) as part of a family-run corporation in San Jose, California, called Liansheng Electronic Corporation.

3. Purpose

Supermicro’s purpose is to create innovative new technology and provide its customers with top-quality products at the lowest possible price. Supermicro provides its customers with high-performance components in various applications, such as data centers and network storage systems. The company also designs industrial equipment and peripherals such as printers and copiers—Supermicro engineers more than 30 motherboards every month and more than 500 different enclosures for its customers worldwide. Supermicro is the world’s largest mini-server maker, according to market share reports from research firm IDC.

4. Strengths

Super Micro’s innovation has led to recent awards and accolades. The company won the 2012 Gold Stevie Award for Best Product or Service in the Computer Hardware and Software category at the 13th Annual American Business Awards. Supermicro was also honored with an award for Clean Silicon Innovation at the 2012 Clean Tech Open. In addition, Supermicro has been awarded multiple process technology and product development awards by its customers and partners. HPC solution provider Cray Inc. just named Supermicro its vendor of the year in recognition of its new-generation HPC solution server platform. In addition to HPC solution Supermicro’s use of the latest technology and design has led to close collaboration with the leading OEMs and ODMs worldwide.

Supermicro’s product development is more comprehensive than motherboards alone. Company engineers also work on innovative solutions for integrating storage devices, expansion cards, power supplies, disk arrays, and other components into industry-standard enclosures and form factors. The company has also developed a ruggedized network switch for use in government environments such as military bases or seaports where security requirements are stringent.