Scoop Hire

Scoop Hire has been at the forefront of the construction industry in Australia for more than a decade offering a wide range of services which includes rentals of construction equipment and materials. Over the years we have partnered with construction companies both large and small which benefits not only our business, but also the business of our clients and the customers that they serve. 

Our business model is aimed at keeping capital costs low for our clients by removing the need for them to buy expensive equipment such as excavators, dumpers and other machines that could have a negative impact on the working capital. We offer solutions through hires, for instance when construction companies secure a new project, they need specific equipment that essential to projects and buying these equipment is costly and for most projects such as home improvement projects or landscaping projects, the margins are simply too low to warrant the purchase of these machines. 

Standard excavators for example cost tens of thousands and even mini excavators or mini dumpers cost thousands on their own and even after buying them, they require a range of hydraulic attachments that carry their own cost. Apart from that there is also the need to maintain these machines transport them around and repair and service them when needed – all of which represent accumulated cost that depletes working capital.

Based on these facts, Scoop Hire offers a simple solution by being a provider for these various capital intensive equipment which allows construction outfits to choose whatever they need on an as and when needed basis.’ This basically means that, if a project requires a mini excavator and a mini dumper for two entire days, then the project manager could simply get the mini dumper and mini excavator for hire for two days spending approximately 400 dollars instead of buying them and maintaining them year after year all the while undermining the ROA of the company. 

Scoop Hire even offers items such as ground mats, auger attachments, trailers, jackhammer and a host of other equipment that are generally used in most construction projects and as well as niche equipment that are only needed once in a while such as ground compactors. All our equipment are maintained in tip top condition and even then in the event that there is a breakdown, we will provide replacements immediately in order to avoid extensive downtime for the project. The Scoop Hire Company has a proven track record and we are always ready to serve whenever or wherever your project site is. We provide delivery and pick up service for all our equipment further reducing your logistical requirements. Hence, regardless if you work for a large construction company, medium sized construction company or a start-up, do not let the lack of equipment for projects become an obstacle with regards to securing projects. Visit our Scoop Hire website or give us a ring more details