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Rapid digitalization has involved print media in every business, where scanned documents are used everywhere to cope with the essentials of this time. Companies have adopted digital solutions to access required information from scanned documents and images. Advanced AI-based OCR technology is equipped with the capability to extract information from any kind of digital document. It is effective in costs in terms of both time and money. Businesses are encouraged to use OCR for data extraction in order to meet this digital time.

Why Is It Essential to Use OCR? 

Images and documents are scanned to convert the data into machine-readable form. This data allows its manipulation in terms of using specific information for specific purposes. Whenever a document is scanned it is not possible to edit text over it.  OCR (optical character recognition) scanning allows this data to be in text format where it is permitted to perform any kind of edition. Hence, it enables the conversion of images into text documents.

Most businesses receive information from print media such as scanned documents, invoices, and other papers, which require a lot of time to store and access information there. OCR scanners, like receipt scanning API, allow a quick approach to reaching and storing all the information in digital databases.OCR technology converts text images into text data that allows being analyzed by other advanced tools as well. This textual information can be used further to streamline operations, and analysis, and automate processes as well. 

Key Benefits Of The OCR Technology For Business

Advanced AI-based solutions allow OCR to convert images into electronic format rapidly. It can handle multi-lingual documents to fetch data over there in a short time. Furthermore, due to its collaboration with advanced AI, it allows the capture of data from unstructured documents as well. Thus optical character recognition technology allows for reduced expenses and have an effective customer onboarding experience.  It saves time, reduces the error rate, and minimizes the manual workload. 

What is OCR Technology and How Does It Work?

It is an AI-based technology used for data extraction from scanned documents.It allows one to convert scanned images and documents into editable form. It works with the help of specific rules which are designed to recognize characters based on various features to convert an image in text format. 

 OCR works mainly in the following steps 

  • First of all, an image is copied.
  • Secondly, a copied image is converted into two colors area, black and white.

The white color areas are identified as the background, whereas the black color areas are recognized as characters that need to be identified. 

  • In the third step, black areas are processed to find numeric digits and the document is converted into text format.

There are various rules working behind OCR technology which are responsible for the recognition of various characters as per their features. In a scanned documents various features like cross lines, curves, and lines are identified to execute rules to convert them into machine language text.

Where To Use Optical Character Recognition Technology?

Optical character recognition technology can be used to perform the following actions.

  • For indexation of print material in SEO
  • Quick data extraction and processing
  • To convert scanned documents into editable forms
  • For translation of words within an image into multiple languages.
  • To place various documents into electronic databases
  • For text recognition of various formal information such as in the case of license plates
  • To deposit electronic cheques. 

Some Common Examples of OCR tools 

  •  PDF Scanner

 It is a widely used OCR tool because of its friendly features. It is accessible in Androids as well to convert documents into text format. It is used in various cases such as sometimes there is a need to add signatures to any document, so pdf scanner allows to have this advantage.

  • Free Online OCR Services

It is frequently used as it allows to access more than 40 languages to be scanned and converted in text format in order to process any further manipulation or processing. Developed by Microsoft. 

It is a mobile-based OCR.  

Office Lens 

It converts written notes into digital format. It allows editing digital versions of any medium such as printed papers and billboards. 


OCR technology has made it easy to access any print media. It allowed the conversion of any scanned document into text format. It has helped businesses and organizations in terms of both cost and time. Now, businesses don’t need to go for manual procedures. OCR allows businesses to access scanned documents and their storage in electronic databases which reduces expenses as well. Advanced AI technology involved in optical character recognition helped to process any kind of document quickly and effectively. OCR allows businesses to have a successful onboard experience to cope with the digital world.