Tennis Chains

In recent years, tennis chains have become one of the most famous jewelry styles. They feature a captivating sparkle and are durable enough to last for generations.

They add subtle bling to streetwear and elevate formal attire for an expensive look. They also align well with hip-hop culture’s flashy and extravagant style.


A dazzling diamond chain necklace is the coveted jewelry accessory for fashionistas and affluent women. But how did this luxury staple get its captivating name? The answer lies in an unlikely event involving the glamorous tennis player. 

While the classic tennis chain may look simple, the intricate detail of each precious stone gives it its signature sparkling effect. Each link is delicately crafted to create the illusion of a continuous fluid row, with no gaps or strands between gems.

The elegance of this style quickly caught on and became a favorite amongst fashionable celebrities and royalty. Then, in the ’90s, it was embraced by hip-hop culture and popularised by rappers. The sporty sparkle of a diamond tennis chain provided the perfect subtle bling to complement the flashy designer wardrobes of rappers and hip-hop stars.


Diamonds are famous for tennis chains, but other precious gemstones and metals can also be used. Cubic zirconia, for example, offers a more affordable option with the same dazzling sparkle of a diamond chain.

Jewelers create tennis chains in a range of styles and settings. A classic design features prong-set diamonds arranged in a continuous row, similar to a bracelet design. Many also feature a graduated set with larger stones in the center and smaller ones towards the ends of the chain.

Another style is a half-bezel set, which resembles a traditional round bezel setting but does not encircle the entire stone. It allows more light to enter the diamond pavilion for enhanced brilliance.


Diamond tennis chains are often set in white gold to create a sleek and fluid effect, but other metals are also available. Stainless steel and sterling silver offer durability while adding a unique aesthetic. Rose gold is also popular; pairing it with gold bracelets for a polished look is easy.

While many tennis chains are crafted with natural diamonds, finding affordable alternatives like cubic zirconia stones is possible. Regardless of the material, the most crucial consideration is the quality and setting of the stones.

A quality chain will be securely fastened with a clasp to prevent the pendant from coming off while wearing activewear or playing sports. In addition, the clasp should be crafted of precious metal to ensure it lasts over time. Lastly, choosing a necklace size that complements your body type and personal style is essential. The right length accentuates your neckline and adds an elegant touch to your ensemble.


The bling factor of a tennis chain is perfect for hip-hop style, with the closely set diamonds or gemstones delivering a subtle but eye-catching sparkle. They’re the perfect accessory to complement streetwear or more upscale attire so that they can be dressed up for a special occasion or kept casual for everyday wear.

The name “tennis” comes from a 1987 US Open match when a tennis player lost her diamond line bracelet during play, forcing the official to pause the game so she could retrieve it. This event sparked an interest in the classic diamond bracelet, leading to its adoption into necklace form as a tennis chain. Today, the style continues to be a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals.