Have you envisioned a complex and resource-intensive application? Does your application focus on a larger audience group? Trust us when we say sooner or later, you are going to need a robust server. Yes, such high-end applications cater to a larger audience group and handle huge datasets every second.

A dedicated server in USA is what we mean by a robust server. It is well-equipped with features like scalability, security, performance, and support.

We are going to guide you through the entire process of choosing a dedicated server USA that will be the best option for your application if you’re convinced you need to make it grow rapidly. Let’s take charge and understand what exactly are the deciding factors when purchasing a US dedicatedserver.

What Are The Selection Criteria for Dedicated Server USA?

It is very crucial to look for the best single-tenant hosting plan for your application to make it future-ready. A good hosting plan is dependent on certain criteria, and we have curated the list for you below.

Data Center Location

The location of the data center plays a crucial role in data transmission. A dedicated server USAthat offers the closest location to your target audience is the best choice. Moreover, faster data delivery is known to improve your SEO score and client satisfaction level.

Uptime Guarantee

You can think of uptime as the electricity service in your house. With proper electricity facility, you can enjoy all your luxuries like TV, AC, fridge, etc. Similarly, a 99.90% uptime is known to facilitate flawless service to the client at minimum latency. If you are purchasing a dedicated server USA, ensure that your provider has mentioned the guarantee in the SLA as well.


Good client support is valuable for a resource-intensive application that is made to deliver time-sensitive information. Without proper technical support, you can never give 100% to your application. It is important to note that such client support should be available round the clock and at various channels for the ease of the user.

Backup Policy

In the era of hacking, one should never underestimate the importance of backup. No matter what, a backup will always be your last-minute resort to pull back the situation to normal. All the US dedicated server plans offer a certain level of backup policy; you need to dig deeper to get the most accessible and reliable backup policy.


Whether it’s your application or website, every utility needs a secured server. Look for the best data center service provider who can secure your dedicated server USA. Your hosting provider should facilitate DDoS protected server along with regular updation of security-related software.

Selecting The Proper Specifications for a Cheap Dedicated Server USA

It is essential to check the server specification before making the final purchase of a US-dedicated server. The biggest reason behind this approach is that every application, website, and business is different in terms of website traffic, target audience, and growth strategy. Have a look at the important server specifications below to reach a solid conclusion.

CPU Core

A CPU core is a processing unit that is responsible for completing the assigned tasks to the computer. A CPU core is like your very own skilled worker that can perform any task for you. Amazing right? Well, it’s even more amazing to know that the higher the number of CPU cores better the server’s performance. So it’s your job to pick the right number of CPU cores for your dedicated server USAto make your application work flawlessly.


Everything you create in the name of your application is a pile of data that needs to be stored either for the long term or the short term. This data on the RAM is transmitted at the request of the user in the short term, and it is temporary. This means that the day-to-day working of the server is very much dependent on the RAM. A good US dedicated server needs to offer a wide range of RAM for different types of applications. For example, an application dealing with time-sensitive data might require more RAM. You can set your range depending on the requirement of the application anywhere between 16 to 32 GB RAM.


What would happen if your data is transmitted at a very slow pace? Certainly, not a good thing for user signal and SEO ranking. This is the reason a premium bandwidth is vital for the growth of your application. Every dedicated server in USA promises to offer a good bandwidth, but how can you judge your requirement? It depends on the type of application, user base, geographical distribution, etc. You can choose anywhere between a 5 to 20 TB bandwidth as per your application.


Your network performance is very much dependent on the quality of your connectivity. From Kbps to Tbps, every unit affects the performance of your server differently. If you have a deal in complex and large data sets, then a 10 Gbps network speed will be a real game changer for you.

Unmanaged vs. Managed Dedicated Server in the USA

As the name suggests, a managed dedicated server USAis created to take away all your tasks from minor to major. You can rely on your web hosting provider to facilitate server monitoring, software updates, technical support, performance reports, backups, etc. This type of service is very helpful for all those app creators who don’t have much time and server expertise. Although this type of service costs a bit more than the unmanaged one, it is an absolute pleasure to get everything managed without any hassle.

On the other hand, an unmanaged US dedicated server is more dependent on the user rather than the service provider. Even though the user gets proper client support the management of the server and updates are fully dependent on the user. People who have good expertise and time tend to opt for the best unmanaged dedicated server in USA.

The ultimate choice for the type of hosting is on the wish and requirements of the user. One must look for signs like scalability, connectivity, customization, client support, and, most importantly, the amount of time at hand.


The cut-throat competition in the application market is enough to value a good hosting service like US dedicated server. With new applications being invented every day, you need to think a step ahead. An advanced approach requires advanced measures that are resource-intensive. A hosting like a single tenant server is apt to offer reliability and performance for data transmission. We would suggest looking for important criteria like data center location, uptime guarantee, network quality, etc., before making a final purchase. Moreover, it is vital to note that every application has its specifications. Server specifications like RAM, storage, bandwidth, and CPU core are the real game changers when it comes to the performance of the application. We hope the concept of a single-tenant server is pretty clear to you.