NBN Plans

First of all, is your home already connected? According to reports in January 2021, the National Broadband Network rollout was completed last year per government declaration. However, there’s still a patchwork of technology left to do. Around 1.4 million homes are connected to the fibre and half a million to fixed wireless and satellite.   

Secondly if you’re planning to do business these days, your dilemma would most likely be when to move to NBN and which among the currently available nbn plans to choose that best suits your needs. Because by this time, there are still a lot of businesses out there that are faced with the same situation. 

As noted by experts, only a small percentage of businesses realised the advantages as they started to switch to the NBN network since the greater percentage considered it as only a movement exercise. Gradually, small enterprises have begun to see what consistent connectivity can genuinely provide.

Now, as you move to nbn, experts advise entrepreneurs to go for a solution, specifically a retail speed that matches their exact needs. Since businesses are unique, each having their respective communication and data requirements, NBN Co recommends that any Internet plan must be custom-made so that the business will run as smoothly as possible.  

What Does Your Business Do on a Daily Basis?

While some organisations only have a limited need for the Internet, others need way more. Below is a category of activities with the matching type of nbn product classification ideal for use by an organisation:

e-commerce, landline voice, fixed line telephony, interactive applications like video conferencing, business critical data services – a plan based on Traffic Class 1 (TC-1) is good to use since service levels between nbn and your service provider are enhanced while helping maximise customer experience.  

frequent uploading, need for sufficient cloud storage and use of several phone lines – a plan based on Traffic Class 2 (TC-2) is ideal because your phone and Internet provider are given a committed information rate for download and upload wholesale speeds. Using TC-2 ensures a higher performance delivery process for data and network services that need foreseeable and consistent speeds for upload and download.

browser-based applications such as Internet and web browsing, streaming and emailTraffic Class 4 (TC-4) is generally used for these less complicated activities or what’s referred to as non-critical applications as it is the standard delivery method for general data and Internet services. So, if your business has simple needs, this plan is for you.

Upload and Download Function

As a business owner, it would be better itorealise what reliable connectivity can do for you, especially when simultaneous activities are going on. In this digital age, telecommunication is at the front line of an industry because this is thowcustomers interact with business operators, whether via data, online or voice.  

 If there are too many calls going on simultaneously, the upload and download of other data could be affected. That said, a lower speed tier may not work for you because with several people talking on the phone all at once, you need a greater bandwidth.

Given the above information, you should know which of the nbn plans offered today is your best choice.