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LottoPark is an independent service website that sells lottery tickets online. It is not affiliated with or controlled by the National Lottery, MUSL Camelot Plc, or any other company that makes goods that are offered on this website. A brand owned by Services aux Loteriesen Europe is EuroMillions. Camelot Group Plc. brands include Lotto and the National Lottery.

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The website is owned, administered, and maintained by White Lotto B.V., FranscheBloemweg 4, Willemstad, Curacao. Check online casino for Terms of Use (hereafter referred to as the Terms of Use) apply to the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Company).

1.  Other explanations

Lottery: It is a game of numbers in which a drawing is conducted.

Drawing: In a specific lottery, the drawing of a certain number of numbers from predetermined ranges of standard numbers or standard and bonus numbers. On days and times that have been previously set by the Operator of a certain Lottery, drawings periodically take place.

Operator: The organization in charge of running a certain lottery drawing.

2. Restrictions on usage

Any natural person of legal age who is able to use the website in accordance with the laws they are subject to is the intended audience for it. If you do not satisfy those requirements, we ask that you refrain from using the website since doing so might result in the suspension of your Account and the permanent deletion of your Account’s data in line with our Privacy policy and clause 4.7 of these Terms of Use.

3. Providers

The Website offers services for ordering, handling, and storing Tickets for the Drawings you choose as well as for depositing money to be used later to buy Tickets. The Tickets you buy are processed by us and sent to third parties so that they can be physically purchased at authorized of a specific Lottery, or processed by an alternative service (depending on a specific Lottery or the amount of its current main winnings, or in accordance with the Company’s decision) that ensures you will receive benefits equivalent to those from the Ticket being physically purchased.

4. Account administration

You must check online casino by establishing an Account by passing the registration procedure in order to enjoy the services made available by the Website. An email address is required in order to successfully complete the signup procedure. You must click the activation link we provide to the updated e-mail address you supplied at registration in order to completely activate the Account.

5. Retractions

Without regard to paragraphs 5.4 and 5.5, the Deposit monies that result from your payments made using a certain payment method may only be withdrawn using that same payment method. Without regard to articles 5.4 and 5.5, you may withdraw any amount from your Deposit that is derived from your winnings. Only the amount of money paid to use the specific payment card may be withdrawn or disposed of using a payment card.

6. The use of original ideas

The Company owns the Website and all of its features, which are completely protected by appropriate national and international intellectual property laws. The Company is the only owner of all copyrights relating to the Website, its contents, and all of its services. Without the Company’s express written consent, none of the rights indicated in paragraph 6.2 may be used.

7. Liability restrictions

Check online casino for the rule that we disclaim all responsibility for any legal violations, carelessness, omissions, financial losses, data loss, or other harm of any type caused by your use of the Website, its services, or your breach of these Terms of Use. The Company will use its best efforts to keep the Website from malfunctioning, but in the case of any issues, the Company has the right to terminate or suspend your access to the problematic services.