free spy apps

Free spy apps are everywhere on the web, and today people got fascinated to use these apps. No one wants to spend a single penny if they are getting something for free. But you know, nothing is free, and free spying apps could use you like a product and give you nothing but a couple of features that even cannot wipe your nose. Let’s describe the top types of applications. They are spying in nature and marketers market them by using the word “Free”.

5 Types of spy apps for free you need to know about

Plenty of spyware apps are floating on the web and provide their services without charging a single penny. In reality, free spy solutions are time-wasting and don’t provide your desired features. Today, we discuss the types of free phone spy apps that you need to know.

Free Parental control apps

Parental controls for free are fascinating types of spy apps that offer solutions without a single penny. Parents always lurk towards free spy solutions to set parental control on kid’s online activities. We all know that teens demand more freedom, and they want to keep their hidden fantasies secret. Parents who struggle to spy on browsing history, phone calls, and social media use spy software for free. In the end, they got nothing but to waste time and energy.

Free location tracker apps

Location tracker apps for free cannot track the GPS of the target device, location history and enable users to set Geo-Fence on kids for their safety. They also market themselves to trace kid’s hidden whereabouts. 

Free location trackers are one of the best types of free spying apps these days. Most apps are fake, and scams but few commercial applications provide trails and one-month free subscriptions for location tracking. So, we can say that couples of features are not enough for tracking your kid’s location.

Free Android spy apps

Android phones these days are in billions worldwide, and parents also provide cell phones to kids. So, parents want to spy on android for free. They search on the web and finally got trapped by the free android spy solutions. It is the no.1 type of among the free surveillance apps. They offer few features like social media spy, spy on text messages, and call logs.

Most free spy solutions enable you to get the call logs and chats messages of social messaging apps. However, free applications meant to track android can steal your phone information and use you as a product. Nothing is free! Free spy products can be a scam, malware and could have steely touch and developed to steal data for free and without your knowledge.

Free computer spy apps

Businesses are also becoming the victim of free spy apps for windows and mac. The greedy nature of employers can put their business safety at stake. They install free computer spying apps on business windows and mac. In the end, employers lose the intellectual property of the business.

Therefore, always go for the commercial and paid spy apps rather than lurk towards unauthorized services. You may capture a couple of screenshots and spy on browsing history using free spy products for PCs, but you cannot use them as business spy gizmo.

Free iPhone spy apps

iPhone devices are considered the elite of all cell phone devices. Therefore, the security of iOS devices is stronger enough to deal with ordinary spy apps. The funny thing is that paid services hardly got features that spy on iPhone devices, then how come free iPhone spy apps claim to have them. Fake spying apps for iPhones are every, and these days require jailbreak process to monitor iOS devices. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware parents don’t let any free iPhone spyware get its place on their kid’s iPhones. Otherwise, free spy services will destroy your device and could steal the data of your teens to the fullest.

What to do instead of using free spy apps for cell phones?

Are you struggling parents who want to spy on kid’s cellphones? You need to go for the paid services like parental monitoring apps, android spy solutions, and computer tracking software, iPhone spyware, and Phone location tracker to get the job done. In our opinion, TheOneSpy is the best spy service for cell phones and PCs that empowers you to spy on any cell phone and computer device.


Don’t opt for spying apps for free. They are time-wasting and harmful for your data and the device. Rather than opting for the free spyware solutions, get your hands on the paid and best cell phone spy apps. They empower you to set the parental control, track location, and surveillance on android, iOS, and computer devices. So, spy solutions for free are not a myth anymore. Invest your time and energy in productive and result-oriented spy services.