Travertine Coffee tables

Introduction About Travertine Coffee tables:

Travertine Coffee table that are made of travertine are known as travertine foot stools. Travertine is a one-of-a-kind limestone that is tracked down just close to natural aquifers. This stone is known for its traditional and style request. That is the reason there is a completely different assortment of tables under this name.

Travertine is utilized to make foot stools, and numerous opposite side and outside tables are additionally developed with this material. This material is presently utilized in imaginative ways to present a changed assortment of tables on the lookout.

In contrast to marble and different materials, travertine has a thundering impression when you put the espresso mug on them. This material gives a characteristic look that makes a comfortable environment in the room.

Travertine Coffee Table Style Ideas:

End tables resemble the material of the parlour and the mortgage holder is its craftsman. You can make it look astounding by adapting it. Here we have a rundown of astounding styling thoughts for your foot stool. Incorporate Green.


The foot stool is the focal point of consideration so customize it as per your taste with your collections, most loved scented candles, glossy knickknacks, books and even magazines.


If you have two layered travertine foot stool then you have a concealing spot for reserving every one of the controllers, napkins and PlayStation regulators. On the off chance that it is a straightforward foot stool then, at that point, simply purchase a characteristic stone box and keep all the messiness creating stuff in there.


Trays are your table’s dearest companions. You can involve them for organizing a combination of enhancement pieces or save them as your go-to answer for moment riddance of messiness in the period of scarcity. The sensitive plate doesn’t for even a moment need little treats and look astonishing all alone.


As travertine is a touchy material which can be harmed from wine, espresso and even squeeze spills in this way napkins are an unquestionable requirement for a travertine foot stool. Purchase in vogue and crazy liners that show your tomfoolery side or keep it chic with straightforward napkins.

1. Carol Rectangle White Travertine Marble Coffee Table

The mix of travertine and marble with the glass tabletop leaves a rich impact on this rectangular table. Carol has presented this cutting-edge convertible table that can be utilized as a foot stool in the living or parlour to raise the room inside.

You can modify the shade of marble and travertine in view of your prerequisites and room inside so the table can normally mix in with the environmental factors. Carol will give you up to a 10-year ensure on this table.

2. EEastwood Travertine with Ocean-Style Coffee Table

Eastwood has presented the tailor-made inventive mix of travertine and tar with sea style plan. This table will get the watcher’s eyes from the beginning and remain its effect where it counts in his memory. This table comes up in rectangular and square shapes with an adjustable plan.

3. Shihui Travertine Stone Coffee Table

SHIHUI travertine foot stool is an ideal blend of effortlessness and class. The table thinks of a round-formed normal completion travertine tabletop. This exquisite beige relieves table will look great as a side or corner table with a vase or some brightening piece. You can modify the size of this table as indicated by your necessities.

4. New star Travertine Coffee Table

New star travertine foot stool has exceptionally classical because of its circle balls on base. The table is built with a blend of travertine, terrazzo, and marble with an inventive and comfortable last look.

5. Sunlink Travertine Marble Coffee Table

SUNLINK takes a straightforward one-piece foot stool to a higher degree of extravagance style. This brand’s most recent travertine marble foot stool is a finished bundle of development and common sense.

  • Various highlights of this table include:
  • Another stone board bureau.
  • An enormous limit storage.
  • An E1 ecological insurance thickness board.
  • While the tabletop edges are planned with tempered steel.


Travertine end tables have limitless choices with sky being the cut-off. The different choices of materials, varieties and completions give special and beautiful plans. The main downside is that you want to deal with these tables as travertine is inclined to staining or in any event, carving within the sight of minor acidic spills like squeezed orange. In any case, it is one of the most outstanding choices for foot stools.