Jaeger Reverso

Jaeger LeCoultre, or JLC for short, is a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. With nearly 200 years of heritage, this Swiss watch brand is a master at its craft. It is one of the few manufacturers with the capacity to craft all its timepieces in their entirety, from design to production—over 90% of its watches have in-house movement and superior design.

Since the brand’s inception, it has already provided precision of movement and technique. You can see it through the timepiece lineups it has produced over the years. There are plenty of JLC watches available to choose from in the market nowadays, including the Jaeger Reverso. It is a famous collection from the brand because of its complex mechanisms, rectangular shape, and rotating case. Read on to know the reasons why the Reverso should be in your watch collection:

Sophisticated Design

The Jaeger Reverso is the epitome of elegance and good taste. The design has not changed much through the years, bringing a strong sense of style. It features a sunray-brushed dial, three gadroons at the top and bottom, brushed and polished finishes on the case, lug ends curving down for a perfect fit, and a matching strap especially designed by Casa Fagliano, a famous Argentinian bootmaker. Furthermore, its design truly screams sophistication and civility. You can also choose the suitable model that perfectly fits your personality! 

  1. Distinct Shape

If you are looking for a watch that is out of the ordinary, the JLC Reverso is the answer. It undoubtedly has a precise figure on the wrist. A non-round timepiece is unusual, so it will always be eye-catching for many people. Although there are other watches with rectangular language, there is nothing quite like the Reverso. Not only the shape makes it distinctive, but its elaborate engraving and ability to be flipped within its case to reveal a second watch face. Despite being around for a long time, this watch is less ubiquitous. It will truly stand out in a crowd and keep it classy.

  1. Superior Functionality

The rotating case of this luxury timepiece serves a functional purpose. It was used to protect the watch dial from wayward polo mallets in the early times. Now that JLC has come up with plenty of watch variations, the Reverso has more of a sense of whimsy with utility. The front dial consists of a classic time display finished with a traditional pointer date and moon phase. In comparison, the back of the dial has a second-time zone display with an oversized day and night indicator. These features were incorporated into one timepiece dial; each looks different from the others.

  1. Iconic

The Jaeger Reverso may not be as popular and recognizable as the other high-end watches available on the market out there, but it is one of the most iconic pieces ever made. This timepiece has been through various ups and downs, almost fading into obscurity only to be back stronger. The foundational design of the Reverso is still unchanged. It does exactly what it was meant to do and offers great things. You may not pick it as your first choice for an everyday watch, but it will always be worth your consideration.

  1. Easy Access

Unlike the other luxury watches, the Jaeger Reverso suits all tastes and budgets. There is nothing to be concerned about waitlists with this timepiece because you can purchase one instantly. You have to wait for months, even years, to be called for some high-end watches. In addition, its pricing is more attractive, especially in the secondary market. With its 90-year production run, there are numerous models available. Depending on your liking, you can opt for a classic steel model or gold version. However, do not expect to see a high appreciation in value. The Reverso timepieces are not collectible, yet when you consider its dial, the cost feels like a bargain.

  1. A Tribute to the First Reverso

The first Reverso was born in 1931. It has been continually reinvented without compromising its identity. The trapezoidal applied indexes still echo the form of the Dauphine’s hands, creating a contemporary representation of the original Reverso watch. Now, the Reverso Tribute houses a great range of complications, from the most simple to the most complex one. Also, it pays homage to the colorful versions when the first Reverso was made. It is like having the same one made in 1931, but more modern.

  1. In-House Production

From its case to its movement, each JLC timepiece is designed, manufactured, and assembled under one roof at the Manufacture in the Vallee de Joux. The obsession of the company with quality is known from across the globe as every watch undergoes strict 1,000- hour control testing. It is a unique program that provides internal certification tests to exceed the official chronometry tests. Additionally, it consists of movement testing before and after casing and extends throughout the assembly. A quality seal is engraved on each piece once it meets all the strict standards.

Where to Buy Jaeger Reverso Watches

If you plan on buying a Jaeger Reverso watch, make it a point to transact with an authorized retailer only. Do your research and look for the watch stores near you that sell original timepieces from this brand. Remember, a JLC watch is never cheap, so you must ensure to purchase an original and legit one. Also, avoid getting scammed by dealing with trusted sellers alone. It always pays off to be extra cautious, especially when you are buying an expensive timepiece.


Without a doubt, a Jaeger Reverso is a fantastic and worthy timepiece that needs to be added to your watch collection. You will never regret purchasing one, for it has all the features you need in a luxury accessory. Plus, it can be worn any time you want. These reasons specified above prove that the Reverso is a one-of-a-kind watch and truly worth your penny. So head to the nearest watch store, check it out, and see it for yourself now!