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A perfect diet plan along with a perfect weight plays an important role in a healthy pregnancy. It is better to maintain body weight for a healthy pregnancy. Here you will get some tips and much more to conceive a baby.

We all know that overweight or obesity is not a good sign for a healthy lifestyle. Even, obesity is also known as the “house of diseases” because it increases several diseases like as:

  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney failure
  • Bad Cholesterol
  • Sleeplessness

Apart from the above problems, obesity also has negative impacts on the fertility of both men and women both. If women have extra weight then it may be complicated to conceive a baby. First of all, it is better to use healthy foods and maintain body weight if you are going to be pregnant. 

However, if any woman is pregnant and wants to reduce weight then she must visit the dietician or doctor for a recommendation. During pregnancy, it is complicated to reduce weight without any recommendation.

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What Should Be the Perfect Weight for Conceiving a Baby?

Every woman has a common question related to the perfect weight to conceive a child. Here are some points that will clarify this question:

  • First of all, weight is directly related to your height. In other words, weight can be measured through your height.
  • As per the study, a perfect BMI (body mass index) range is 25 to 29 in adults.
  • When the BMI range cross to 30 then it will be a sign of obesity or overweight.
  • However, one can find out the BMI range through the BMI tool.

How Overweight Can Affect the Fertility in Men?

According to the research, overweight is one of the major reasons behind fertility in men. Due to obesity, a man has to face some infertility issues like as:

  • Hormones related problems
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) or having a problem in erection power
  • Additional health problems that are related to overweight
  • Poor quality and quantity of sperm

By reducing weight 3 months before conception, men can increase the chances of conception with the best quality of sperm. For improving the quality of sperm, a man has to maintain his weight and eating habits.

How Extra Weight Affects Fertility in Women?

Similar to men, women also have to face infertility issues due to overweight in the body. Infertility issues like:

  • Imbalance of hormones in the body.
  • Obesity may be complicated during ovulation in women.
  • Irregular periods, inflammation and high blood pressure are common issues due to obesity.
  • As per the research, extra weight is directly related to a common reason behind infertility which is known as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).
  • Lastly, overweight can be complicated during IVF treatment and ICSI treatment.

How Overweight Affect the Pregnancy Outcomes?

Before getting pregnant, it is so important to take care of your healthy diet and weight. Over-weighted women have less chance to conceive a baby. But a healthy weight leads to a higher chance of conceiving a baby.

Overweight along with an unhealthy diet is not a good sign for a successful pregnancy. Here are some risks included in such a situation like as:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Caesarean birth
  • Stillbirth
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • High blood pressure
  • Pre-eclampsia

Important Steps for an Ideal Weight before Pregnancy!

If any woman is starting to get pregnant then she must maintain her lifestyle and eating habits. Here are some steps to maintain the bodyweight before getting pregnant:

  • Exercises: – First of all, do physical workouts on daily basis to burn excess weight. Walking, running, aerobics, jumping are the example of some physical workouts.
  • Yoga: – Do yoga for better digestion and metabolism
  • Usage of Healthy Items: – Use healthy foods like eggs, avocados, green veggies, milk, lean meat, salad, cheese, wholegrain bread and cereals, fruits etc.
  • Avoid Unhealthy Foods: – You must avoid unhealthy items such as junk foods, fast foods, confectionery, pastries, oily foods or sugary foods etc. However, you can take a small quantity of these items.
  • Say No to Harmful Items: – Avoid alcohol, smoking and the usage of drugs.
  • Sitting Habits: – Do not sit for a long time while doing work on a computer or a mobile phone.
  • Water: – Drink lots of water because water helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Set a Weight Loss Goal: – It is better to set a weight loss goal on daily basis. In this way, you will be motivated and can reduce lots of weight easily.

Last Words

Before getting pregnant, women must take care of their weight, eating habits and lifestyle. A good lifestyle and perfect weight are the best way to conceive a healthy baby. That is why; exercise along with a diet plan helps you to reduce weight completely. If you are already pregnant and want to reduce weight then you can also contact the IVF centre in Bangalore