Perfume Newbie

Getting your hand on the right kind of Perfume Newbie is a hard nut to crack especially if you are new in this world of fragrances and perfumes. Buying the right kind of perfume that perfectly syncs with your style seems like an impossible job since there are so many of them on the market. Perfumes are a perfect creation of science. A perfect combination of various chemicals incorporated with different elements of nature. Equilibrium created just for you to smell good hence it’s a strenuous job to pin point your signature perfume. There is a wide range of perfumes across Pakistan but even the best perfumes in Pakistan make it onerous to get a perfume that becomes an extension of your personality.

Here is a guide on the 11 Things a perfume newbie should know before buying it.

Test it yourself:

Don’t buy a perfume because you smelled it on someone else, perfumes tend to react differently on different skins depending on the texture of your skin and the types of clothes you are wearing so, as a newbie don’t ever be tempted to buy certain fragrance because it smelled delicious on someone else.

Understand you skin:

Perfume price in Pakistan may vary from highest to the lowest depending on the brand you are purchasing but when it comes to buying perfumes the even the top brands van be arduous on your skin. So as a person who is newly exposed to this world of perfumes it is important to understand the chemistry of your skin. Sometimes the skin is too dry or too oily to generate the scent that is originally intended from the perfume.


Believe it or not but the way you store your bottle of perfume effects the life expectancy of your fragrance. When it is exposed to air and light the chemical composition of the perfume gets disturbed thus the life of the perfume decreases. The bests place to store your perfume is in the box it comes. Never leave the cap undone from the bottle put it back on as soon as you uncap it.

Put it on the pulse points:

As a newbie keep on thing in mind that you don’t have to bathe in the perfume the real and right way to applying perfume is on the pulse point since these points are exposed to air so the perfumes automatically tends to stay a little longer and the need to reapply it reduces.

Perfumes are expensive:

There is no such thing as cheap perfumes. Before you buy a new perfume know one thing that perfumes are expensive. Since it is a perfect combination of chemicals inculcated with natural earth elements when it is manufactured it defiantly comes in high prices in the market so if you see a perfume that has relatively lower price or it is cheap know that you are being scammed and it is a replica of an authentic brand.

Perfumes smell different after a while:

When you intend to get acquainted with perfumes be vigilant of the fact that perfumes start to smell differently after they have been sprayed on your skin. Therefore the companies developing perfumes work extremely hard to create something in perfumes known as “top notes” these are the initial molecules that pop right out the bottle as a human pushes the spray nob. They are so strong that they imprint your mind and that how you are tricked into buying the scent because everything that moment smells perfectly delicious and intoxicating.

Be heedful as you test many perfumes at once:

When go to a shop to but a perfume the sales person will show you perfume in bulk at so many scents at once will confuse you into what perfumes are best for you the way to cop out of this situation is to ask the sales man to spritz the perfume on a piece of paper and wave it in the air for a bit when the scent gets aquatinted with the air then smell it again you’ll know which is the perfume for you. 

Whiff the coffee:

Most of the perfume shops have a bag of coffee on their counter. Sometime or nose is fatigued along with the brain so it cannot make the scene perfumes as you purchase it. So the idea behind coffee is to neutralize all the other fragrances before you try the next one.

Don’t smell all the perfumes:

You don’t have to smell all the perfumes that are introduced to you by the salesman while shopping. Smelling so many fragrances at the same time creates an enormous olfactory blur which ultimately lead you to n unclear path that which fragrance has the best scent. Try to keep your testing as minimal as possible.

Don’t rub your wrists while testing:

When you apply it on the pulse points don’t rub it because the heat yet again will change the chemical composition of the perfume and either it will vanish leaving you with no scent or it will smell entirely different from the fragrance you intend to have.

Know your inclination:

Before stepping into the shop try to get a hold of your inclination. If your inclination is towards lighter notes try to opt for the perfumes with floral top notes and if it’s strong go with the one with rather musky base notes. This will save you a lot of time.