With the changing lifestyles, people least care about is their health, say it mental or physical. It has become difficult for them to ponder over their health due to the rigid schedule. And also, with the changing technologies, everything is available easily without any additional efforts which have made everyone lazy. So, to overcome these problems, we have an old age life saviour, doing YOGA practice daily.


The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘YUJ’ means ‘to join’ or ‘to integrate’. Though there are not many proofs for its origin, it is assumed that it took birth in ancient India. The trend of yoga has reached worldwide and is able to make a remarkable image of its own.


Many people across the world assume that yoga is just stretching and helps them get physical relief only. But that’s not true. Mental fitness is also one of the main components of yoga.

Postures of yoga enable us to build flexibility in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. While performing yoga, our stressed muscles contract and release the hormones which provide us mental stability.


Due to the hectic schedule, it has become difficult for people to cope up with their extracurricular activities, which directly affects theirs physical as well as mental health. Nowadays, we see a lot of people suffering from obesity. Obesity is a disease that has the tendency to deposition harmful fats in the human body. Sometimes, it becomes so severe that it might lead to death. Obesity can easily be cured without medication by simply practising yoga. Not only obesity, a lot of diseases, for instance, breathing problems, digestion problems, thyroid, joint problems, etc. can also be cured with the help of yoga. So, we can evidently say that yoga is a life saviour.


It is not so easy being a teenager. Teenagers have to deal with so much trauma to cope up with the world. There are numerous ways to overcome stress like talking with friends& parents, taking counselling from a counsellor, exercising, etc. But doing yoga not only benefits the body but also the mind and soul. Yoga is considered a gem for teens as it provides them mental wellness which is a must during the teenage period of a person because he or she has to deal with a lot of pressure like from peers, family, studies, exams, career, etc. So, it is preferred to perform some yoga asanas on daily basis to be mentally or physically fit. Hence, it is clear that it is super beneficial for teens.


By learning about yoga, the question arises when to practice it, either during the day or in the noon or at night? There is no specific time prescribed for it. As we know, yoga has various types, so different types of yoga can be performed at different times according to the needs. We do not have to wait for stress to overcome it by performing yoga. It can be done anytime, anywhere. All we need is just dedication and a few simple props.

Career in yoga

Nowadays, with people being more career-oriented, many people have started their career in yoga by taking proper training from institutions. 500 hour Yoga teacher training has become the most popular tool to build a career in yoga. The one who is interested in a yoga career should opt for Yoga teacher training. So, yoga is not only about keeping you fit but also helping you to earn through it.

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So, from the above-written verdict, it is being concluded that we must make yoga our daily partner as yoga does not just change the way we see things it also transform the person who sees. And if yet you have not made your way to yoga routine then hurry up and get immersed into it. what are you waiting for?