Animated Movies

Animated movies are always entertaining. Kids love animated movies because they are an amazing blend of fantasy and reality. These movies teach kids basic life lessons while being entertaining for them at the same time.

If you are looking for an opportunity to spend quality time with your little ones, then we can’t think of a better way than to have a family movie night. 

There are a lot of incredible animated movies out there that you can watch with your kids. We are going to introduce you to some classic and best options that you can go for.

Here are 6 awesome animated movies that you should watch with your kids 

Kung Fu Panda Movies

Kung Fu Panda movies are hilarious, feature awesome action sequences, and teach many valuable life lessons to kids. 

These movies feature the world of animals with a Panga being the main focus of it. The movie contains awesome humour, and the storyline just keeps getting better with every movie. There are 3 installments released for it so far and you can watch them on movierulz ps. 

This animated movie is family-friendly, and your kids would enjoy it a lot. 

How to Train Your Dragon

Enter the world of dragons with the amazing movie How to Train Your Dragon. This movie is also about an underdog who is often underestimated because of his size. The protagonist goes on to become a great dragon handler. 

This movie is equally great for kids and grown-ups. It contains sarcastic humour, and the story is quite intense as well. Like with most animated movies, there is a lot to learn for you through it as well.

This movie is available on most paid movie websites, and you can easily watch it online or download it via torrent.

Toy Story Movies

Toy Story movies are a classic. These movies feature the adventure of toys and show the world from their perspective. When we talk about the best-animated movies out there, the discussion is incomplete without mentioning the Toy Story series.

This movie set the standard for future animated movies. It was way ahead of its time in terms of the story and execution. 

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The Lion King

The Lion King is a must-watch for every kid. If your kid hasn’t watched it yet, you should make plans for it at once. There is a live-action Lion King released recently that you can also check out 

But the animated version stands out because it executed things in a much better way. The Lion King is an all-time classic that should be on the watchlist of every kid. The Kisscartoon website features this movie along with other cartoon shows that you can check out. It’s a powerful website that allows users to stream content for free.

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. is a fun movie that both kids and adults can enjoy. This movie shows the world of monsters and how it is connected with the world of humans. It may sound a bit scary, but the story is quite light in reality.

Kids love this movie because of the funny characters that it introduces them to. The animation of this movie is quite good. Monsters Inc. is a classic animated film that is a must for every family.

Despicable Me 

Despicable Me is one of the most popular animated movies among kids and adults. This movie features Minions which is the most fun part of it. The main character is a super-villain who later becomes an agent for the good side. 

This movie is on par with some of the greatest ones in terms of comedy and action. It is a family-friendly movie that teaches kids about the value of having a family. The movie shows how Gru’s life changes as he starts forming bonds with others. 

Wrapping Up

There are many other popular and famous animated movies out there that you can check out. The ones that we have mentioned here are a good place to start. Once you watch these movies, you can move on to the next options. 

So, check out the animated movies that we have talked about here to watch with your kids. Stay tuned with us for more recommendations about movies to watch with family and friends.