Titan 440 paint sprayer

Do you want to refresh your building’s look or do you have a professional painting project?   Spray Painting job is an art and fun of transforming objects in a beautiful look. Spray paints are suitable for small and medium objects. For instance furniture, plastic objects, home decor items, door and wall art  etc. Most professionals used Titan 440 paint sprayer to get the smooth and uniform finish.  The spray paint gives a complete change look to your project. This is an easy and fast way to refresh your household items. Spray paints involve different strategies and techniques to get the optimal results. We are going to explain some important tips and tricks for getting optimal results from spray paintings that enhance your objects beauty. 

Fundamental Tips and Tricks for Spray Painting 

Surface Preparation

When you start spray painting you must prepare your surface. Use surface cleaners like detergent or water solution to remove any dust, dirt or grease from the surface and let it dry completely. If you want the paint to stick better, sand it lightly to make the surface smooth. The smooth surface provides a finishing and even base for painting.


Masking trick is used to cover the area that you do not want to paint as well as use this trick when you are using multiple colours to paint an object. Mask off the area by using painter’s tape or plastic sheet. Masking is an essential technique to protect adjacent surfaces and to achieve a neat finish with clean lines in the area you are painting.

Use Surface Primer

Before starting spray painting, priming the surface is a key technique to get optimal results of painting. Primer is mostly used on metal and wood surfaces. It gives a smooth base for final coating and also provides enough finishing to your painting project. 

Use Branded Spray Paint

There are several spray paint brands in the market. As we hear, “Spent once on expensive things but spent repeatedly on cheap things”. Always choose the best spray paint brand to get excellent results. Titan 440 paint sprayer is the professional’s choice. If you want to get a professional and awesome look, choosing the spray paint brand wisely is a significant technique for getting optimal results. 

Proper Ventilation

This is a very important tip to get the best results from your painting. Proper ventilation is significant to get a better finish especially when you’re painting indoors. When you are painting a wall or an object inside the room you don’t forget to open the doors and windows of your room and switch on the fan for better ventilation.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are highly matters when you start painting the object. Check the weather when you start painting. Ideal weather provides a uniform finish to your project whether you are painting indoors or outdoors. The suitable temperature for spray painting is between 50°F to 90°F and humidity is below 85%. Don’t do painting in direct sunlight, hot and humid weather.

Adjust Spray Patterns

Understanding the spray pattern is an important technique in a painting job. Spray paints are horizontal and some are vertical. So, when you start painting you adjust your spray patterns according to the surface where you are painting. This tip helps you to get a smooth look. 

Maintain a Distance

When you start spray painting, keep a particular distance from the painting object or a wall. The distance should be 8 to 10 inches between your painting gun and surface. This will help you to prevent uneven coverage and remove the risk of patchy finish and enhance the even finish at your painted project.

Apply Thin Coats

If you do not get expected results from your paint though you are using high quality paints. The expected reason behind this is to apply dark or heavy coats. Always remember to apply thin coats on your object you want to paint. Maintain a specific distance from your object and thoroughly spray the paint by slowly moving the hand. This distance gives a perfect thin coat to your object and saves your project from the uneven thick layers of paint which provides an uncomfortable look to the object.

Wait to Dry

When you do the first coat on your project then wait till the first coat is completely dry. Avoid recoating the object on an already wet object. This mistake gives a mess look to your object and you do not get an optimal result. 

Clean up the equipments

After completing the project painting,  don’t forget to clean up your spray equipment. This trick makes your equipment durable and you can use that for a long time.

Fixing Mistakes

Fix the mistake when the object is fully dry. You just lightly sand the defected portion and reapply the coat. This gives a full finish look to your object.

Test your Technique

Do not test your technique directly on your actual project. Test your technique on a rough surface and then you can apply on your actual surface you want to paint.


Spray painting is an easy and smart way to enhance the object’s beauty. Spray painting is not an easy job, you must learn some tips & tricks to do the spray painting project. Before starting spray painting work you keep remember the above mentioned techniques to get your expected results. Sometimes you have a professional project like an office and buildings. Titan 440 paint sprayer helps you to give your project a smooth professional finish. The preparation tips, using spray painting tricks and after completion techniques provide help in getting the results you want to achieve from your spray paint.