Capital Smart City is a project which can elevate the standards of the Pakistani residential sector. It is the first smart city in the country. The developers have built this with the help of advanced technology. The whole premises of this housing society consists of modern tech. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad is built near Islamabad International Airport and is located on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). It is near the CPEC route. Furthermore, the prime location increases the value of the plots as well.

Just like the prime location, there are numerous additional amenities. 

10 best amenities of Capital Smart City are as follows:

Smart Tech Security

The whole premise is secured with the help of smart tech security gadgets. Security is by far the best feature of this society since it is very high. The residents of the society are provided with a secure environment without invasion of their privacy.

CCTV cameras monitor every inch of the smart city to keep the place safe for kids and families.

Self-Sustainable Energy

There is nothing as luxurious as having a self-sustainable energy resource in your town. You won’t have to depend on anyone regarding your energy usage since Capital Smart City is designed to facilitate solar energy. 

It is an amenity you cannot find anywhere else in the country. This effort by the developers also ensures a clean environment for coming generations.

Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plant is built to provide clean, drinkable water to the residents. The contaminated water will be filtered and treated before it is used. It is going to be very important for everyone residing in this city.

Education City

Education City is designed to be a place for educational institutes, including schools, colleges, and universities. Some of the best schools have been contracted to establish their institutes here. You won’t have to leave this housing society for a better school. Your educational needs will be fulfilled here.

Healthcare City

Healthcare centres are given great priority in the Capital Smart City. International-level medical teams and medical centers will deal with medical emergencies & needs. 

One of the most neglected facilities in the residential sector is healthcare facilities. However, you won’t have to worry about this issue here. Moreover, you can choose from various mini hospitals and doctors if you need multiple opinions.

5 Star Hotels

Since Capital Smart City also has a commercial zone, you will find the best 5-star hotels here. These hotels will cater to business owners, corporate heads, celebrities, and visitors.

5-star Hotels are essential for any place that is meant to be luxurious. Tourists from around the world visiting Pakistan can also have a great time in such hotels.

This amenity will also boost the economy in this housing society, which is lucrative for investors.

Holiday Park

Capital Smart City is not only a housing society but also emulates the appearance of a luxurious resort. There are many green parks and gardens inside the premises. However, you will get a very advanced holiday park as well. It will provide various recreational activities for kids and adults. 

Small theme parks and entertainment clubs are also part of this holiday park. The residents won’t have to leave this place to enjoy their holidays and vacations.

Crystal Lake

This is by far the most ambitious project of Capital Smart City (CSC). This lake is going to be the major attraction point for residents. Moreover, it will be built by some of the best engineers & builders. The crystal clear water will make it look so serene.

This lake has the potential to change the landscape on its own. If you move to CSC, you won’t have to visit the North of Pakistan to enjoy picturesque & magical lakes.

China Village

Pak-China friendship & successful CPEC project are the main reasons behind building a China Village in CSC. This village is being built to imitate a real Chinese village. It will be a diverse town that will help bring diversity to this place.

Furthermore, it will help bring Pakistanis and Chinese closer.

Sports Complex

As mentioned above, the developers aim to provide a healthy environment to everyone inside the premises, making the sports complex the main attraction. 

This sports complex will house cricket pitches, mini football fields, indoor sports, tennis courts, and more. It will be built by international standards.


Capital Smart City Islamabad has luxury facilities and a picturesque landscape. It is a complete package for people looking for a place to build a home or planning on owning a business. The commercial and residential plots are available for sale if you want to move to this premium smart city. 

It is a place to raise generations since it is built to provide a green, clean, and sustainable future. However, you won’t have to compromise on the latest technology if you move here. The entire premise is technologically advanced, free from power outages, and has the potential to become the most advanced housing society in Pakistan.