Whether you’re a child or an adult, there are a number of things you can do with a Crazy Time Live game. These include the Wheel of Fortune, Bonus rounds and the Pachinko wall.

Game show theme

Developed by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is a game that combines several popular casino games into one. The game features a wheel, a wheel-shaped spindle, and a top-of-the-line computer game, among other things.

The game also features a money wheel. The wheel contains a sequence of five numbers, which can be a winning combination for some players. The wheel is actually a bit pricier than one would expect.

It may be the big wheel of a lottery game, but the Crazy Time wheel is actually more complex than that. The wheel has three distinct needles and the spindle can be used to place bets on numbers.

The wheel also contains several other exciting features, including win multipliers and a jackpot prize. It also features four bonus games.

The Wheel of Fortune is probably the best known game show theme, but Evolution Gaming has a new one in Crazy Time. They have spent quite a bit of money developing it, and this may be one of the best games on the iGaming market.

Wheel of fortune

Featuring a huge wheel of fortune and a live presenter, Crazy Time Live is a game of chance from Evolution Gaming. It’s a real-money gambling site that can be played on desktop PC, tablet, and mobile devices. The game features a variety of bonus games and multipliers. The game is available in both classic and quick modes.

Players place chips on the segments of the wheel. Each spin of the wheel has a randomly assigned multiplier. The wheel stops at a segment and activates the multiplier. The segment can pay out a cash prize or cash multiplier. The wheel is equipped with 54 segments. Each segment contains five numbers. The wheel spindles have more 1s and 2s than 5s and 10s.

After a spin, players can select three colours for the bonus symbol. The symbol takes players into a magical world where they have the chance to win a multiplier. The symbol can multiply prizes until the wheel lands on a double or triple space.

Pachinko wall

During the Crazy Time Live game show, Evolution Gaming produced a game called Pachinko. This is a real life version of a pinball machine, but with the addition of a wheel of fortune. It has been very successful. The game has earned 13.6 million euros, and is a new record for any land-based casino.

The game features four bonus rounds. This includes a 54-segment vertical Wheel of Fortune. Each segment has a different multiplier. There are also two randomly generated multipliers. The game is a great way to see how your chances of winning change depending on which coin side you choose.

The game also has a Pachinko bonus round. This bonus round is only available when you bet on Pachinko during the game round. This bonus round has a “DOUBLE” feature, which means that your multiplier will double when the puck lands on the “Double” value.

Bonus rounds

Unlike other live casino games, Crazy Time is not available for free. However, the casino does offer players the option to watch the game live and participate in the bonus rounds. The game has a host that guides players through the bonus rounds.

Players can win up to 20,000x their initial bet in the Crazy Time bonus round. The multiplier is determined by the color of the flapper and the position in which the ball lands.

There are four bonus rounds in Crazy Time. The bonus games can be triggered at the end of the wheel spin. Once the bonus round is triggered, the player will enter a new world. This is the best part of the game, because it’s pure fun.

Before the bonus round starts, players must make a qualifying bet. They can then bet on one of the four bonus segments. These sections are similar to the number segments. They pay 5 to 10 times the initial bet, and will pay more if the ball lands in the correct position.