Social Media

We all depend on social media nowadays. Social media has become necessary for us. We depend on media. Social media develops our communication skills. It’s a very helpful thing for us. We get new ideas, new information and we can share our thoughts with many people with the help of media. 57% of the world population is active on social media. An eligible social media audience is 13+ years. There are more than 4.5 billion social media users around the world who are active in social media. It has made it easy to connect with family and friends.  

Stay uptodate

People use social media for many reasons. Staying updated is one of the main reasons for using social media. With the help of this we can be aware of the latest updates. It can help us to make important decisions. We lived in a world so it’s important to know what happened to the world and how it changed. If you use social media in the right way you can stay updated with everything. You just need to spend 30 minutes on media. Twitter, Facebook are great platforms for news updates. But you should limit the time you spend on media.

Find Social Media Influencers

Every social media user follows social media influences. Influencers are very powerful people on social media. Influencers have the power, knowledge and position that they can influence their audience. People like recommendations. Influencers have a huge amount of followers so they have traffic on their profiles. There are 5 different types of influencers we can see on social media who give us great suggestions. Charli d’Amelio, Ines de Ramon, Kanan Gill are social media influencers. When we are confused about anything, influencers can help us to make decisions.

Engaged us

As we all know, social media can engage us. We can do anything with the help of social media. Social networks provide higher experience. It can help us to connect with our friends and family. We can talk, share our thoughts and pictures whenever we want. It allows us to connect with each other very first. We can see different types of videos, movies whenever we want. There are different types of streaming platforms that provide us with the latest movies. Like amazon prime, login/begin, zee5 etc. social media gives us privacy as well. We can control our accounts, control who sees our profile and most importantly we can block people completely.

Communication and connection 

Before social media and smartphones it was so difficult to connect with people. When we moved to our school college, it was almost impossible to contact them again. Social media sites, such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp can make it easier to connect with people.  These are great ways to see what happened to our loved ones’ lives. And also meet new people.

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Nothing is better than social media for marketing. Most people are active on media. Anyone can promote their products. There is a live option, you can solve your customer’s queries and their questions. Facebook, Instagram, and youtube are great platforms for promotion and engaging potential customers.

Nowadays, we are all reliant on social media. For us, social media has become a necessity. We rely on the media. Social media helps us improve our communication skills. It is extremely beneficial to us. We get new ideas and information from the media, and we can share our thoughts with a large number of people. Social media is used by 57% of the world’s population. The target demographic for social media is people aged 13 and up. There are over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide who are active on social media. It has made it simple to stay in touch with family and friends.


In today’s world, everyone needs social media. It’s typically most used for new information.  It can help us to communicate with each other. It makes our life easier. We can start our business and earn money on a low budget. Spending too much time on it is not a good idea. It has an effect on our eye strain. It can make us laugh and too much use causes anxiety, depression. Maintaining how much time you spend on your phone is very important.