Color by Number

Color by number is one of the best coloring games. Players have to use their mouse or finger to paint on the color by number game, and this is a good way to improve their colorful ability. If young gamers can find the same number in different places, they will be very happy because this means that they will not need to change colors frequently, which saves a lot of time.

Who can Play Color by Number?

Color by number is a super fun way for young gamers and adults to get creative and learn about using colors. The object of this game is fairly simple: all you have to do is follow the numbers and color each square with its corresponding number. You can choose from a variety of pictures, including animals, fruits, landscapes, and many more.

Once you’re done coloring in one picture, you can save it or print it out to hang up on your wall. You can also choose from 8 different color palettes. Adults can even play with color by number as an anti-stress coloring book. Release your creative side with color by number now.

Features of Color by Number

Colorful Graphics

The game features colorful graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and a chance to practice addition with numbers up to 10. Players use the mouse to click on numbered panels (which correspond to specific colors) in order to create rainbow-colored works of art. In the process, the players practice recognizing numbers and identifying patterns. They receive points for coloring each image correctly and can compare their scores with other players from around the world.


The game is compatible with almost all operating systems. This means that the game is easy to access. You can play it on your Mac, PC, Android, iOS, or any other system and start having fun.


Color by number is a simple game that young gamers and adults can play. You can choose different kinds of images, like animals, numbers, cartoons, etc. After selecting the image from the pencil icon, you can choose any color from the palette to start coloring it. Just need to tap on any area of the picture where you want to fill color and then tap on the right color on the palette.

Color therapy

Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. The images are well-designed, so you can choose any according to your mood. There are also many different categories like mandalas, animals, flowers, food, plants, etc.

Diversity of designs

There are a lot of designs available in this app that professionals create, so you can never get bored while playing this game because there are unlimited designs available in this app.

Simple graphics

The graphics of this game is very simple but also addictive. You will never get bored while playing this game.

Cool arts for everyone

Color by number is a coloring game suitable for everyone, including young and adults of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not. This is the perfect place to learn how to draw pixel arts step by step with the awesome pixel-man style. If you are looking for an interesting, simple game to play by yourself or with your family, go for a color by number game. This game has eye-catching features such as a fast-loading app, cool arts, amazing graphics, and diverse designs.